Series Review: The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Warning: May contain spoilers

I finished this in the course of 3 days. I started during the weekend, and finished it this morning when I woke up too early and decided to just to a few hours of my part-time job while watching the rest of the episodes of The Umbrella Academy.

Like I’ve said before, while it’s nice that we get the whole season in one go, it’s hard for me because I totally forget what happened the previous season. I need a detailed recap or something before starting. I don’t why I remember Vanya being called Violet. LOL. Where the heck did that come from? Going into Season 2 Episode 1, the only details I remember was that Vanya caused that shit on the last episode and they got shipped into somewhere, with the help of Five. In the premiere episode, we find out that they time-traveled to the 1960s in Dallas, Texas.

I would say Season 2 is very much patterned after Season 1. Different time, but same predicament – they need to stop another apocalypse. While we learn what happened to each character when they jumped to the 60s, we also see Five trying to gather his siblings and find a way to get them out of that timeline and possibly stop the apocalypse. We had Hazel and Chacha in Season 1 and this time, we have the IKEA mafia. I love them by the way! That Swedish cover of Hello slaps! Makes me want to get drunk on lingonberry! It was definitely this season’s I Think We’re Alone Now. 🙂 Having said that, this series really has the most perfect use of music in a TV series! I am not particularly concerned about soundtracks, it’s not a dealbreaker for me but when it’s this good, you definitely notice.

I don’t recall what my opinion of Luther was in the first season, but I think he’s my favorite in this season. He is such a softie. I don’t know why, but I just related to him on such a personal level this season. He is totally how some girls are after a heartbreak. And love that little dialogue directed to Lila, “You know love shouldn’t hurt this much.” It didn’t work with Lila but it did to me.

I absolutely loved his scenes with Five. LOL.

Si Diego, laging luma-lovelife! LOL! He had that policewoman in Season 1, and now, he has Lila on Season 2. But loving the long hair, definitely. Very Antonio Banderas, right Klaus? (Still laughing at this scene every time I remember it.)

I seriously didn’t realize this on Season 1 but Five is literally just named Five. Each one of his siblings has a “normal” name except for him. Why am I realizing this just now? LOL. I read though that he might actually have a “normal” name but prefers to be called Five. IDK. But since I’m watching Detective Conan, I kind of see some similarities between him and Edogawa Conan-kun. LOL.

Klaus literally created a cult on Season 2 and he totally got away with giving song lyrics as his prophetic words. LOL. But I mean, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to,” is genius advice! Thank you, TLC! Forever love Ben and Klaus’ relationship. I watched some promotional videos of the cast recently and Ben and Klaus are literally Justin and Robert in real life. That is not acting, people! (Well, except for Robert’s accent, of course.)

And Ben. Huhu. Ben broke my heart. I mean, there were so many earlier scene where I just felt bad for him because Klaus won’t even tell them that he’s there but that scene in Episode 9 was just cryfest. 🙁 I hope the other siblings knew about his sacrifice, because I think Vanya only told Klaus. (Or did I miss anything?)


Allison had the most powerful scenes in the series, given the current situation with #BlackLivesMatter. In the 1960s, we find her in the middle of the Civil Rights Movement in Dallas, fighting for equality. It’s just so crazy that this is 60 years earlier, but we’re not too far from this, are we? Police brutality, social injustice, systemic racism… We are dealing with these just the same. Different decade, but the same fight.

We also see a little bit of Mum and Pogo (baby version), but I wanted more! Not enough explanation / info on Reginald and Grace’s relationship. And I just wanted to see more of baby Pogo. 🙂

I laughed so hard at that Umbrella Academy vs Commission scene on the final episode. Very Infinity War. LOL!

I see that there will be more of Ben (or whoever that is in Ben’s body) in Season 3. And then we have that thing with Harlan. I actually thought The Handler would take him like Lila 2.0 but she just left him, so I wonder if she did or say something to him before facing the Hargreeves. And Lila is still out there somewhere. I think they set it up well for the next season. We’ll just have to wait for another year!

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