Today’s all about Adventure Cove! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a water park so I was excited to go here! We woke up early cause it opens at 10am.

We took a bus to Harbourfront and then another bus to Resorts World. According to Ate Len, there’s a bus that actually goes directly to RW, however, at the time, the bus took too long to arrive so we took two buses instead. If you’re going to take that bus from Harbourfront, it’s a flat fare of S$2.

I just love candid photos!

We walked to Adventure Cove, which isn’t that far from where the bus dropped us o. The staff checks the bags and we know for a fact that food and drinks from outside are not allowed. We brought a bento with us (c/o Ate Len and Kuya Orlan) and I hid that at the pit of my bag so I was able to successfully smuggle it inside. HOHO! They’re not super strict though. Celine’s Chippy was seen by the staff but it wasn’t confiscated, she was just warned not to consume it inside. But of course, they don’t have any means of actually checking that.

Medyo ang tamad nung fountain. LOL.
Mandatory pic in front of the sign! Hahaha!

We changed into our swimsuits and I think they’re also not strict when it comes to what you can wear. Yes, there’s a dress code and there are signs everywhere but they’re not super strict. Mas strict pa sa La Carmela de Boracay, where you can’t even take a dip in their little pool unless you’re wearing a swimsuit. Humph. There are also lockers where you can store your stuff. We used the biggest one since there were 5 of us. I think it costs around S$10-12.

Naka-life vests na kame! We’re ready!!

We tried several slides – I think 4 or 5. My favorite was the first one we tried because you just need to get onto a raft and they’ll take you to the top. For the other slides, you have to take your own raft and then walk up the stairs. You have to hold on to it while queueing. Sariling sikap. Hahaha.

What if patalikod kame nagslide?! Hahaha!

I freaking love the wave pool!!! It’s called Bluewater Bay. The second time we were there, Celine and I wore life vests so when there are waves, we’re just floating around needlessly. It was heaven! Hahaha!

Nakabukaka daw ako kaya I shut my legs close dun sa second pic! LOL!
May sariling buhay ang hair ko!

We circled the Adventure River twice. Basically it’s a long pool that probably goes around the whole place. The are water tubes everywhere and it actually flows on its own. You can literally just lie there, float and the water will just move you around. I felt more comfortable on the water tube though. It’s like my own perfect little bubble. We left our friends in the aquarium and then we lost them. So we just floated around again. LOL.

This is me, in my own comfy little bubble. ๐Ÿ™‚
Wiw, kelangan ko talaga ng bangs!
<3 this!

The Adventure River has different scenes and there wasn an area where there are aquariums. Like you can see the marine animals swimming above and around you. Even if we weren’t able to go to the SEA Aquarium, this was a pretty good alternative.


They also have a Dolphin Island but it was closed at the time. Also, you have to pay for that separately. We were able to get a glimpse of the dolphins though.


My favorite though was Rainbow Reef, where you get to actually swim with the fishies! So you have to wear goggles and snorkeling gear. The water will also move you around so you don’t have to actually try swimming. It was freaking awesome! I’e done snorkeling a few times but I enjoyed this the most. Why? Because the waves are not too strong! When you snorkel at sea, the waves take you really far from the boat and if you’re not a good swimmer like me, it can be pretty tiriing always trying to get back near the boat. But here, you can just stay still (Ok, I moved my legs a lot!) and enjoy the view.

Me on the left! Booty overload! Hahaha!
Naggo-glow ang fishy na to!

They have a restaurant inside – Bay Restaurant – since they have a policy against bringing food in. But we didn’t want to get hungry again like the day prior so Ate Len made us all bentos. Too bad, we weren’t able to take a pic but it’s rice, bistek, boiled egg and buttered vegetables. We still bought food from the restaurant though. Their fish and chips was pretty good. It was a very satisfying lunch. So glad we didn’t go hungry this time around. LOL.

We decided to go at around 5pm because the water park is only until 6pm. One other thing that needs mentioning is their bathroom / toilet. It’s so clean and their bathroom has a soap dispenser installed. You don’t actually need to bring your own. Also, you know how it’s annoying when you’ve only got hooks where you can place your dry clothes? In their bathrooms, there’s an area where you can put your stuff. It’s super convenient.

Bye bye, Adventure Cove!

After Adventure Cove, we went to Insadong Korea Town. Ok, so it’s like a food court where you can buy different Korean food. Beside it, there’s a Malaysian version as well. Anyway, so they have a menu, you order from one counter and then you will get your food from different stalls. We weren’t really that hungry so we just bought some snacks. We bought dukbokki, bingsu and banana fritters. I still prefer Cafe Seolhwa’s bingsu though. Nobody beats their super fine snow-like ice!

We took the bus going back to Bukit Batok. This time, we took the bus that goes directly from Resorts World to Bukit Batok. It’s only available on weekends. I think exhaustion got to me that I fell asleep almost immediately after getting home. I slept for like 10 hours, I think. I was on a vacation abroad, yet I was able to sleep that long. Hahaha!

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