There’s a bus that takes you from mall to mall! So convenient!!!
Obligatory selfie inside the bus!

Our flight’s at 4pm so we dont really have a lot of time. Our agenda for today is to do some last minute shopping. We basically did mall hopping. From West Mall at Bukit Batok Central, to Jcube to IMM. We had breakfast at West Mall where I had a major language barrier moment with Simang. Let’s just call her that since she was nakasimangot the entire time. I didn’t let her ruin my day though.

At Jcube, we went to this Japanese store where there were a lot of cute stuff. Celine went there the last time she was in SG. That’s where I boughy the friction pen I gave to my TL.

At IMM, we bought some last minute pasalubing at Giant, also where I bought Peachy’s pouch. In fairness, now we know how to go home from IMM. LOL. We got lost the last time we went there.

As usual, love the walkalator!

When we got home from IMM, we just took our bags and went our way. We said our goodbyes to Ate Len and Kuya Orlan’s flat, I will surely miss the IKEA bed, it was so damn comfy! We hailed a taxi that will take us to Changi Airport. Unlike our taxi uncle from when we arrived, this uncle didn’t help us with our bags.  It was a quiet ride to the airport, I guess all of us were tired. Taxi uncle redeemed himself though when he helped us count our fare. Seriously, at that point, Celine and I didn’t give a fuck anymore how much we gave our driver.

At the airport, we taped our palengke bags, while praying they don’t throw our checked baggage. I was so concerned about my kaya spread and flavored Yakult. (They were safe though when I arrived back in Manila. )We encountered zero problems at the check in, everything went smoothly. We still had a lot of time in our hands so we went to have lunch at Burger King. Their orders are huge! I laveht!

Waiting waiting…
So balikbayan of them! Hahaha!

We waited for a while outside the boarding area because they were still using it for another flight to HK. Mind you, it was already less than an hour before take-off and they were still not letting people in. So you guessed it, yes, it boarded late. They were also a bit unorganized with what the passengers and the crew will do at the scanning area. It was just embarrassing. I mean, I didn’t have this experience the last time I flew out of SG back to Manila. So yeah, that just added to my reasons why I’m never flying with Jetstar again. I’m sure it was not totally the airlines’ fault but it was part of the experience. I’m sticking with AirAsia.

So when you’re in the plane, all you want to have is some peace and quiet and get a shut eye, right? We totally didn’t get that this time. There was this noisy kid who was babbling the entire time and the parents didn’t do anything to shut him up. I’m all for bibo kids because it’s cute but my goodness, can we please draw the line somewhere? We were still with that family until the immigration and baggage area and the kid still won’t stop. We already expressed our annoyance for the kid while we were queuing at the immigration, and that’s when the mom finally tried to tell the kid to stop. But the kid was still noisy AF. Wiw. No hope for us, I guess.

Anyway, despite the annoying flight back, the whole SG experience was fun! It’s one of my favorite places on Earth and will definitely go back a third time! We’ll cross to Johor Bahru next time! I’m so freaking excited!

Here’s a breakdown of what I spent: [SGD 314.575 or PHP 10556.05 (converted from SGD to PHP) + PHP 2290 (expenses in PHP) = PHP 12846.05]

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