At the cafe.

After 2 1/2 years, I’m back in Singapore!!! We booked our tickets November last year because Jetstar had a return for free promo. At the time, I was still with Stellar and my account was Jetstar so I wanted to try the airline. I gotta say though, this will probably be my first and last. More on that later though.

Our flight to Singapore was on Oct 2 at 9pm. My original plan was to go to Edline’s so we can go to the airport together. But Celine’s suggestion to meet up in SM Makati was a better plan since I still had to do some stuff before the flight. I had stuff to buy at Market Market. Our meet up time was 4:45pm but I was so late. I was already freaking out while inside the shuttle to Ayala. But luck was on our side, there was no queue at the taxi stand. At around 6:30pm, we were already at NAIA. My first time at T1 though. My flights were always from T3. It wasn’t so bad. I guess I’m just lucky that it’s been renovated. I remember Celine saying that the last time she was there, it was like that deserted airport in the movie, Warm Bodies. LOL. Anyway, we were able to go through the whole check-in process smoothly.

It was still early when we got to the boarding area so we has time to eat. There is a cafe nearby and that’s where we had our snacks. We only bought drinks though because we had baon. LOL!  Edline arrived at around 8pm.

Toilet selfie!

Our flight was at 9:10pm but I think we left late. Our flight was delayed and so was our arrival. I felt like the flight was so goddamn long. I couldn’t sleep and I was counting every second. And for the first time ever, I used the airplane toilet! Hahaha! Anyway, nakakaloka talaga tung Jetstar. Naloloka kame na mas mataas pa kame sa buwan at dalawang beses naming inikutan! I cannot. Kinuwestyon na naman kung ibang araw na ba! Hahahaha!

Ang mga bilugan naming fes!
Love love working walkalators!

Changi Airport is as beautiful as ever!!! My favorite airport out of all that I’ve been to and it’s so easy to see why.

I hart kaya toast!

First on our agenda was to eat. Seriously, after that long-ass flight, the only thing on my mind was to eat. We ate at (Jackson) Wang Cafe, which was a really good decision. I stayed on the safe side by ordering the macaroni soup set. It comes with 2 pieces of kaya toast and a choice of kopi or teh. Of course, I chose kopi. Their macaroni soup was kind of bland. Or maybe I’m just used to our own version of sopas. Still really good though and affordable at S$7.20.

Next, I asked for WiFi access from the info desk. The last time I was in Singapore, you can just connect to Changi’s WiFi, but this time, they will either send you a 5-digit code to your Singapore number (if you have one) or you can get for it from the desk or at a kiosk. Anyway, we needed internet access so we could contact Ate Len, let her know that we’ve arrived.

We the looked for a taxi that will take us to Bukit Batok. We gave uncle Ate Len’s address and that’s it. Off we go to Bukit Batok! Our taxi fare was S$38.70. Celine and Edz usually wait till the first morning train before going to Ate Len’s but this time around, we decided to take a cab since there were 3 of us anyway. We arrived at Ate Len’s apartment at around 3am. I fell asleep at around 6am. I blame it on the kopi I drank at Wang’s.

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