It’s our second to the last day in Singapore and our destination for the day is Universal Studios Singapore. Ok, so my goal for the day was to try Battlestar Galactica and Revenge of the Mummy because my friend, Ludwig, wouldn’t stop yapping about it. I just had a feeling that he would ask me about it the second I got back in the office.

Anyway, so it opens at 10am but we got there at around 11am. It was a Monday and the bus that goes directly to RW isnt available, so we took 2 buses, from Bukit Batok to Harbourfront, then to RW. We took the second bus from Vivo City.


I noticed though, even if it was really hazy in SG, I never had to wear my mask. It wasn’t that bad that you’d have a coughing fit. Edz was affected by it though, so she had to wear hers.

While waiting for the bus… selfie!

We took note of the outdoor shows we wanted to see but then, it proved to be useless later on. Due to the haze and a little rain, they cancelled a lot of outdoor shows and closed some of the outdoor rides. Bummer. More on that as you read this entry.

We saw Marilyn Monroe though!

Our first stop was the The Rockefellas show at the Palace. Edz wanted to see it because I think the performers are former members of the Streetboys. LOL! I don’t recognize any of them though. We stayed for the show, took pictures at the Met steps (feeling Gossip Girl!) and then went to TRANSFORMERS The Ride.

Edz gets dizzy easily cause I think she has vertigo so she didn’t take any rides. It’s just me and Celine all throughout. Transformers The Ride was so painstaking. We queued for almost 2 hours. 2 freakin hours. We wasted so much time!

Done! Finally!

Meanwhile, Edz went around and saw a few outdoor shows! She was able to see Betty Boop and the Mel’s Dinettes show.

Betty Boop!
Wish I could’ve seen this.

We went to the Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey ride next. There it is again – the long queue! I honestly thought that because it’s a Monday, there won’t be a lot of people, but we were so wrong! It’s like a mini roller coaster and it was quite fun.

After the ride, it was almost time for The Dance of the Magic Beans show so we stayed in that area. We decided to have lunch while waiting. Then, a few minutes before the show, they announced that it was cancelled. Huhu. Celine went to the souvenir shop and only saw a glimpse of Puss. Why is he so elusive?! When she got back, we went to the Donkey Live show instead – which was really really funny! It’s very interactive and I’m sure the kids had a blast!


Right after that, we rushed to the Water World but when we got there, they announced that it was also cancelled. Dammit. I was actually looking forward to that show. We heard so many good things about it. Huhu.

We went to the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure next. We brought our own rain coats with us so we were soooo ready to get wet and wild! The queue was super long so Celine and I decided to do the single rider thing. We were right in front, in a snap! While waiting, they kept announcing that they might close the ride due to weather conditions. We kept our fingers crossed but then after a while, they announced that they’re closing the ride. Huhubells. Not wanting to waste any time, we went to Revenge of the Mummy instead.

Cleopatra is so in character!!!
At the entrance of the ride!

Again, we took the single riders queue. We still waited for quite a long time but luckily, Celine and I were still on the same train. She was right behind me. Ok, this ride could’ve been pretty scary if it wasn’t too dark. It was just ok for me.

After this ride, we went back to Jurassic Park and yaaaay, they have re-opened it. This time around, there weren’t a lot of people yet so we took the regular queue. We entertained ourselves by gossiping about the people around us. Ok, of all the rides we’ve tried, I probably liked this the most. I didn’t have any expectations because I was thinking, this is just going to be like EK’s Rio Grande. But there was a part where we thought, they were going to drop us. They actually did, but sideways. But totally love that feeling when you are unsure of what’s exactly going to happen. So yeah, that’s why this is my favorite.

Somewhere between taking these rides, toilet selfie!


We didn’t have much time left so we thought of just going around, take pictures everywhere. We went back to Battlestar Galactica but the waiting time is still 60 minutes. Seriously, the park is closing in an hour! Ain’t got no time for that. Would have loved to try this though.

We went to the Madagascar zone since that’s the only part of the park we haven’t visited. We rode the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure because there was no queue. It’s just like Disneyland’s It’s a Small World. But OMG, there was a surprising twist! The falls!!! I hurriedly looked for my rain coat inside my bag, then it stopped. Seriously – that almost gave me a heart attack!!!

We took a very quick photo op around the remarkable areas in the Hollywood zone.

And a couple of photos with the adorable minions!

I think I like the Far Far Away zone the best! Super love the photos we took there!

We went out before 6pm because we don’t want to go with the influx of people exiting Universal Studios Singapore. All in all though, it wasn’t so tiring because it’s a lot smaller than Disneyland. I didn’t feel like amputating my leg afterwards due to the pain. LOL. Wanna go back though to try the other rides!

Bye Universal Studios!

Edline and I still needed to figure out where the Segway area is. Turns out, it’s at the other end, where the beach is. On the way there, we saw One Direction! Edz didn’t even have to buy a ticket to Madame Tussauds to see them!

Missed this!

We had to walk super far, we left Celine at Insadong Korea and we’ll just meet her right after. We seriously thought that it was gonna be quick. When we got to the Segway office, we signed some kind of contract, then a buggy took us to another area, where the starting point is. We signed another set of papers, they gave us helmets and taught us how to ride the Segway. I seriously thought it was going to be hard, but it was easy peasy. It was just a 250m Segway ride so it was bitin! It was free though so it’s not that bad.

The very judgmental helmets!

On the way back, we went to McDonalds and they have Melon Dew McFlurry!!! I had to buy it! And it was so humid and we were already sweaty so we needed some cold dessert. It was perfect since we still had to walk back to the other side. Whew. There were a lot of changes in Sentosa though since we were last there. I definitely don’t remember the stairs that changes colors every few seconds.


When we saw Celine again, we went to Candylicious and Hershey’s World again. Then, we figured out our way back home because we still planned to go either to IKEA or Clarke Quay. We eventually scratched the idea because we were so effing tired! We walked to Vivo City using the walkalators, like we did last time.

It was already almost 9pm when we got there so we thought the mall’s about to close. But we were so wrong because it didn’t look like it was going to close any time soon. We went to the food court and I ordered duck. It still doesn’t compare to what we ate in Hong Kong though. I also bought the watermelon drink and I loved it a lot because it’s just squeezed watermelon, nothing was added – even sugar!

Celine bought this type of dessert called Tuku.

After dinner, time to go home so we took the bus to Bukit Batok at Harbourfront. Funny story though. I had a crush on the chubby guy who gave us our helmets when we did Segway. He also rode with us in the buggy. He’s pretty nice because there was this lady who fell while crossing the road and he helped her. Fast forward to the bus ride, I ended up sitting right next to him. Thanks to my little dwarf – Edline – who saved me that seat. The ride back to Bukit Batok was pretty long so lucky me! Btw, I think he’s a pretty good English speaker because he was watching Malcolm in the Middle – without any subtitles! So yeah, destiny! Hahahaha.

We went to buy some food at Giant and Fairprice, then went home. Ate Len and Kuya Orlan were still awake so we viewed our pics from the day before. We called it a night not too long after.

Let me end this post by posting my favorite photo of the day.


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