I almost didn’t go on this trip. I was very stressed the few weeks and had problems that I felt like it wouldn’t be right to go on a vacation at that point. But then I realized, I deserve a vacation after all that I went through.  I only decided to go the Friday before I left, booked my hotels only on that day as well.

However, I got sick (I think I ate something bad) almost the entire time and it was raining for 2 days so I didn’t really get to do a lot. It also rained a lot for the first few days so it was difficult to go around. SM Bacolod became my usual hangout spot cause I had to stay indoors. Also, I ate a lot during this trip since I couldn’t go out and walk around. But at least, I got my much needed rest (and watched TV a lot) after all that tax stress during the past month. I would sleep till noon and only go out in the afternoon and early evening.

Day 1

Breakfast at the airport! My lipstick on point! :p (And yes, I had food in my mouth LOL)

My flight was in the morning and since it’s just an hour flight, I arrived some time before noon. They have Grab in Bacolod so transportation isn’t really an issue. I also actually used public transportation like jeepney, vans and bus. From the airport, you can use either Grab or taxi going to the city center. My hotel was Circle Inn, which is located on Lopez Jaena Street. It’s quite near the famous Lacson Street, where you can find almost everything. Since it’s just me, I took a van (which cost me PHP130 I think) and got off at SM Bacolod. I saw Cafe Bob’s right away so I had lunch there.

The hotel allowed me to check in early (yay!) so I went to sleep right away. It was raining so I can’t really do anything about it. It was still raining when I woke up after sunset but I was hungry so I went out anyway. I didn’t bring an umbrella, but I brought a poncho – which was put to good use during the entire trip.

Room for 1 ;p

I had dinner at Sharyn’s Cansi, which is actually a famous place in Bacolod. It’s the closest place I can go to since it’s just a 5-minute walk from the hotel. It was raining so hard so I can’t really afford to go somewhere farther. It was my first time to try cansi, it’s like a combination of bulalo and sinigang. One serving had 1 big bowl of cansi and 2 plates of rice. Since it’s just me, I had the whole bowl to myself. Obviously, I didn’t finish it. The beef was so soft and the broth was so sour. I forgot how much this set costs but my meal plus my bottle of Royal cost me PHP340. It was expensive for 1 person, but if you’re sharing with other people then it’s so bad. I think the bowl can actually feed up to 4 people, cause they even provide extra broth. After dinner, I walked back to the hotel and went back to sleep.

A video!

Day 1 started and ended with food. LOL. I wanted to swim in the evening, but it was raining so it’s not that fun.  I didn’t do it in the end.

Good night!

Day 2

Good morning!

On the second day, that’s when I started getting sick so I only went out at noon. I went to Manokan Country for lunch. I already saw this on my first day so I knew where to go. Manokan Country is a place where are different restaurants serving chicken inasal – another famous Ilonggo food. Since there are so many different stalls, I went to one of the Nena stalls. I believe it was Nena’s Beth and ordered petso. (I’m craving inasal as I write this!)

It started raining after lunch so I crossed the street and entered SM Bacolod. Walking around, I went to Felicia’s for some iced coffee and dessert! My friend told me that their bestseller is chocolate sans rival so that’s what I ordered. I do follow recommendations. Haha.

After dessert, it was still raining so hard so I decided to stay inside and watch a movie. I watched Pitch Perfect 3. Seriously, this watching a movie during vacations is becoming a routine. LOL. After the movie, I went back to the hotel. You guessed it, it was still raining.

I also got to see some of the tourist spots I can reach by foot.

Bacolod Public Plaza 

I read that this is where the MassKara festival takes place. Other than that, the attraction of the park is the gazebo (but they call it bandstand) in the middle of it. I passed by this a lot during my 4 days in a Bacolod and it’s so lively. People just hang out here, and they play music, so it’s fun to just walk around here when there’s nothing to do.

San Sebastian Cathedral 

This is right in front the plaza and looks really pretty at night. The church bells are on the right side of the entrance.

Pope John Paul II Tower 

This is near SM Bacolod, you just need to walk past the car park. I didn’t know you could actually go inside. Since I went in the evening, it was most likely closed during my visit.

Negros Museum 

This was closed for renovation when I went. All I saw was the security guard. LOL.

Negros Provincial Capitol 

I went at night, too so the gate was already closed. It was kind of creepy cause the park is so huge and I was the only walking around. Haha.

Going back, I walked along Lacson St but there’s really not much to do at night in Bacolod. It was sleeping time again for me. LOL. I think I didn’t have dinner on this night, cause I was having stomach problems. Haha.

Day 3

As usual, I went out after noon and went to Calea for some iced coffee and chocolate cake. Mygosh, it was so hard to choose which cake I want but I had to go with the bestseller. Of all the dessert places, I liked this the most. It’s such a cute place! I love how the door says, “Eat more cake.” Also, I think they have the best variety of cake and the biggest slice. 🙂 After getting my coffee fix, I was off to The Ruins.

I took a jeepney going to the tricycle terminal that goes to The Ruins. On the way, I saw the original Cafe Bob’s along Lacson.

The terminal is close to the Pepsi Cola Plant. I only paid the minimum fare for the jeepney but the tricycle cost me PHP100, since it’s just me. Again, would’ve been cheaper if I was with other people. There’s no way I would wait for others who are also going to The Ruins. It was hot and I just wanted to get there already. There’s an entrance fee of PHP100 (or was it PHP110? Haha) to get inside. I went to the garden first (where the grass was a little muddy cause it’s been raining) and then the house itself.

The Ruins

The Ruins is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The story behind the house is even more lovely. If you can stay for the tour, please do so cause it’s worthwhile to know the story behind this beautiful house.

It was the same way going back. I got off at San Sebastian Cathedral, took photos around before making my way back to the hotel. For dinner, I went to my favorite place again – SM Bacolod! Haha!

Day 4

It was my last day and the weather has really cleared up at this time. My flight back to Manila wasn’t until 7pm so I still have half a day to kill. From my hotel, I took a jeepney to the Bacolod North Bus Terminal, where I took a bus that will pass by Silay City. I think the bus I took was going to Victorias, which is in the northern part of Negros. I forgot how much the fare was (I think it’s less than PHP20), but you have to go purchase your ticket first at the counter and then go to the bus. I asked several people to make sure I boarded the correct bus.

It’s actually not a very long bus ride, more or less, only took 20 minutes. I got off when I saw El Ideal Bakery, so I guess that’s a pretty good landmark if you wish to travel from Bacolod to Silay. From there, I walked past the public plaza and went to see the San Diego Cathedral.

It was lunchtime so I walked to Cafe 1925 and ate.

Once full, I embarked on my Silay City Ancestral Homes tour. There’s actually a Google Maps page where they pinned the locations of the ancestral homes. From Cafe 1925, I visted the Cinco de Noviembre Marker, then walked to Balay Negrense.

There’s an entrance fee to Balay Negrense because they turned the old house into a museum. I think the entrance fee is PHP60. Definitely enjoyed the tour and learning about the family who owns this house.

Saw this in one of the houses. Cool art!

After making my rounds in Silay, I took some rest at the plaza cause I badly needed some cold water! After that, I hailed a pedicab to go back to Balay Negrense where I left my bag. Then I asked the driver to take me to the van terminal, where vans going to the airport are parked. From there, it’s roughly 10 minutes to the airport. I was super early to the airport. But like I always say, it’s better to be early than rushing, worrying that you might miss your flight.

There were a few places I want to go to like Campuestohan, Pala-pala Seafood Restaurant, Mambukal Resort, Punta Taytay but since it was rainy and I was sick, I couldn’t really get myself to go to these places. Maybe next time 🙂 What I loved the most in Bacolod are the cakes (LOL!), how helpful the people are (sorry I can’t understand Ilonggo) and how easy the public transportation is! It’s good to add another city to my travel list ^^

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