Station X Dip and Dine Experience [2021.02.21]

This was a spur-of-the-moment decision. It was during the weekend of Typhoon Auring and obviously, there was no sun and we didn’t feel like going to the beach. Also, the waves were so strong that day that it is probably much better for surfing than swimming or paddle boarding.

I kept seeing this experience on Klook but I didn’t really think much of it. Because I thought, we have a pool in our accommodation so why would I pay money to use another hotel’s pool? Turns out, we actually did love this experience and we actually want to do it again. Basically, you just need to book the Station X Dip and Dine Experience voucher on Klook and you get a PHP100 discount on Hue Hotel / Station X’s already existing promo. You can find this on Hue Hotel’s website for PHP599. But when you book it via Klook, you only pay PHP499 for PHP599 worth of food and drinks.

Since there were three of us, we had PHP1,797 worth of food and drinks and whatever you order beyond that amount, then you would need to pay in cash to the restaurant / bar. We ended up having three drinks, 2 appetizers and 1 pizza. We actually planned to do happy hour later during the day but we ended up getting too comfy in the day beds aka getting sleepy, so we decided to leave at around 8pm after having our pizza.

I have been to Station X before – during my trip to Boracay in Feb 2020, but I only went inside to use the restroom. LOL. I seriously don’t remember seeing a huge swimming right in the middle of Station X! It was literally just right there. So Station X is sort of a mall, where there are different stores and restaurants. There is like a common area that is super Instagrammable, with cute bean bags and swings where we took photos in, of course. I think the only place I actually remember is the food court, because I believe that’s where there restroom was. LOL. Unfortunately, the food court is currently closed due to the pandemic. When you walk further, there is a restaurant / bar where you can order food and drinks from called La Ud and Prisma.

Essentially, for the Dip & Dine Experience, you use Hue Hotel’s pool for “dip” and you order food from La Ud and Prisma for “dine”. I suggest allotting an entire day here because time literally flew when we were here. We were surprised that it was already 7pm. Since there was a typhoon when we went, we were literally the only guests. The staff was very attentive, which wasn’t difficult because it was just us. LOL. I think on some days, there are DJs, and there are people coming here, even in the evening since it is open until 9pm. If that’s what you’re after then it’s probably best to come on a Friday or Saturday. We really just wanted to relax on that Sunday, but didn’t want to be cooped up in our room the whole day.  

We loved it so much, we had over 100 photos here. I had to pick my favorites and make a slideshow out of them. LOL.

Before going home, we took photos around Station X.

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