One Week in Baguio! [2022.01.13-19]

Baguio will always be my second home! After cancelling this trip 2 years ago due to COVID, I’m so glad I stayed for a week this time around!

Everything I Ate in Baguio

What’s a trip to Baguio without visiting the many restaurants in town?! Every time I visit, there is always something new to try.

Another 48 Hours in Baguio! [2019.12.07-08]

Another short trip to Baguio! We really just wanted to visit the Christmas Village because we passed by The Manor on the way back from Le Monet to our hotel during our last visit. Ok, I had no preparations at all for this trip. I actually thought I won’t be able to go because of…

48 Hours in Baguio! [2019.10.12-13]

Well, it was less than that actually. I left Manila at 4am on Saturday and was back home before 4am on Monday. It was a quick weekend getaway to the City of Pines! It was really just a weekend getaway to one of my favorite places, my home for 5 years of my life –…

BACK IN BAGUIO AFTER 4 YEARS! [2018.02.17-18]

It’s good to finally be back in Baguio after 4 years! Celine and I were supposed to go with Mine, but she was sick that weekend. Celine arrived on Thursday night cause it was a holiday that Friday (not for me though!). I went after my Friday night shift and arrived at around 5am in Baguio. I lived…