Shell Residences + Lee’s Korean Restaurant + Seascape Village [2021.10.09-10]

Seascape Village is located along Atang Dela Rama, Pasay, Metro Manila, just right behind the Manila Film Centre. There is a huge sign in front so you won’t miss it once you are on this road. It is open from 10am-11pm, but the best time to come here is during sunset because you’ll get a beautiful view of the sunset by the bay, and then enjoy some dinner after.

New Year at Anuva Residences [2021.01.01-02]

Celine and Irick spent New Year’s at Anuva Residences in Muntinlupa, but I still had work on the 31st and I didn’t want to leave my mother at home by herself. But I was able to join them on January 1st, at around 8pm. LOL. I was so late! But what’s important is I got…