The night before, we said that we will go back to Asiatique in the morning so we can take more pictures but we decided to take our time during breakfast and scrapped the idea. We went to buy our breakfast from 7-11 – I can’t get enough of their iced coffee! It’s pretty cool how there are a lot of things going on on Khao San Road. When we were walking, we saw a Chinese girl being photographed. I seriously thought she was just taking OOTD pics but she was totally making love to the camera! LOL! And then when I looked at the side of the street, there was a Chinese guy in his underwear, changing clothes. Turns out, it’s a photo shoot. KEWL!

We wanted to go to a grocery and from my research, the popular supermarket chain in Bangkok is Foodland and I found one 7 minutes away from our guest house. So after breakfast, we decided to walk there. Funny though, when we got there, it was just another 7-11. FUCKER!!!! Most likely, Google Maps isn’t updated (and also Foodland’s website) and so we weren’t informed that it’s now 7-11. Grrr. It was a really hot morning then so we were pissed. It’s a good thing that it’s near Wat Phrakaew so we were able to see it from outside. Hahaha. We went to buy some things from 7-11 to bring to Cha Am cause we thought that there won’t be a lot of stores around – we were so wrong! When we got to Cha Am, 7-11 is a dime a dozen! It’s like every other store in Cha Am! LOL!

Wat Phrakaew seen from across the road.
Ayan, cause I didn’t see the elephants at Lumphini the day prior. LOL!

We got back to the guest house at around 11:00 AM and checked out not long after. We took some rest at the guest house’ restaurant before going to Western Union on Khao San to get Mine’s money and to our favorite money changer to exchange the rest of my funds.


We then took a taxi to Victory Monument BTS station, where the mini vans to Cha Am are. Ok, choosing which taxi to take is of course, very tricky in Bangkok. Since we had our luck with pink taxis, I thought that we should stick with them. The first one didn’t go so well. The driver looked like a hippie and was trying to negotiate a flat fare. He tried to charge us THB200 and down to THB150 to Victory BTS. We declined and moved on to the next driver. The next pink taxi driver looked much much nicer! He understood right away where we wanted to go and  it was a pretty good taxi ride, even if the driver was very quiet. We already expected that since they’re not very good in English. We’re okay with that as well and that’s better than someone trying to rip us off. Our final fare was THB83, we paid a hundred and then he gave us 20 back! We wanted to give him the exact fare so I scrambled for a 5 inside my bag. He’s so nice. <3

We came from the left side of the road so we had to walk up the overpass and cross to the other side where Century Mall is. You will easily see the mini vans, go to the first counter on the right and say that you will go to Cha Am. The fare is THB160. We paid for two tickets and went to the van nearest the road. We had a blooper pa cause it’s right hand drive in Bangkok and the driver asked us to sit in front. Used to having the passenger seat on the right side, we went to that door but there wasn’t enough space and a Thai girl started saying something to us in Thai. Of course, we didn’t understand. We went around and good thing, the driver opened the door for us. That’s the only time we realized our mistake. Sooo embarrassing! But hey, we’re tourists, we’re not supposed to know everything.

The van left before 1PM I think. The funny thing is, we actually thought we’d check in early that we even sent a message to Chaamaran asking if it would be fine for us to leave our bags there while we go to Santorini Park. The owner was kind enough to respond to us (in English!) saying that we can leave our bags there and that they’ll do their best to prepare our room as early as possible. But lo and behold, we arrived waaaaay later than the supposed check in time which is 2PM. We were actually freaking out while in the van because we have no idea where to get off. During the first hour and a half though, I was able to take a nap. When we got to the stop over, that’s when we started worrying. Good thing, we have a prepaid SIM! YAY! The hotel owner gave her direct line so my friend called her and explained where we are. The hotel owner offered to pick us up from where we will be dropped off, she said at 7-11 convenience store. We realized that it was not a good idea because there were a lot of 7-11 stores in Cha Am. O_O

On the way to Phetchaburi~
This is the map we saw at the stopover. Our destination: Cha-Am Beach.

The van driver dropped us off at the van terminal near Cha Am Beach. From there, we called the owner again to tell her where we were. There were habal drivers who offered to take us to our hotel but we told them that there will be someone picking us up. We walked to the nearest 7-11 so they could come pick us up. A few minutes later, someone arrived and took us the hotel. Boy, we were relieved that we got there in one piece. We were planning to go to Santorini right away upon arriving at the hotel but when we got to our room, we decided against it. We were too tired to go out again. Plus, our hotel room is so amazing!!!! We just took some rest and I took pictures of our room. After taking pictures of our room, we went out and took pictures of the lovely boutique hotel. Seriously, this is the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever been to. After the hotel, we went to the beach to take pictures. We didn’t go near the beach though because I really didn’t want to take a dip. I totally appreciated the fresh air, my hair didn’t though. It’s so hard to take a good photo when your hair’s getting blown everywhere. There are a lot of souvenir shops by the sidewalk and we checked some of them out. I must say though, everything in Cha Am is cheaper!!! I was able to buy a shirt and some keychains and ref magnets that I brought home to my friends and colleagues. We went back to the hotel after some time and we were told there was a party later that night.





Those rocks <3
I love that it’s not crowded here.
Hello doggie!

I have to talk about the restaurants as well. We had dinner at this restaurant called King Kong Steak Cafe. It has a London theme and it’s a pretty chill place. Love the ambiance and the best news is, their food is super cheap and delish! I really enjoyed my iced green tea latte. There’s also a very cute Parisian cafe near our hotel, but we didn’t actually go. I just took a photo from across the road.

The table and my thighs. LOL!
So Coffee Prince!

Even though we stayed in our room for a few hours in our room in the evening, it wasn’t that bad because we spent it watching this show called Let Me In. It’s originally a Korean TV show, where they do surgery on women to make them super beautiful. The transformations are super amazing! Super bitin though!


We came out of our room at around 9:00 PM to go night swimming. The staff told us earlier that there was going to be a party but it wasn’t that fun. There was music and barbecue but people were in groups and it’s kind of hard to mingle if you don’t really understand each other. We had our own fun by taking pictures by the pool. After that, we went to the garden to take pictures. I’m sure this resort is going to be even more beautiful once it’s all finished.

After swimming, we went out to have drinks near the beach. It was super dark though so we were kind of hesitant. Plus, something happened at 7-11 a few minutes later that made us decide not to do it. While we were buying liquor and chips, there was a commotion outside involving some teenagers. I think they were hit by another group of teenagers. The injured teenagers went inside the store and we saw that they had blood on their faces. We seriously got scared but we continue looking for chips to buy. LOL. Also, scared but at the same time, we wanted to know what’s going on. But it’s so hard to get chismis from anyone due to the language barrier. LOL. So we just stayed inside until we felt like it was safe to come out.


We ran to our hotel and just decided to drink at the hotel restaurant. I’m super satisfied with what we bought! These flavors aren’t available in Manila. 7-11 stores in Thailand are super special. LOL!

Tour pa more sa hotel! Purikura sa swing…
…purikura sa gazebo!
So Europeyo ng feels nung hotel resto!
We had our own little party!
This photo looks hecka sad though!

We went back to out hotel room once we’re done drinking. Funny though, cause I couldn’t sleep! I slept at around 6:00 AM already. I pretty much spent the whole night online, reading stuff about the Thai royal family. I also realized that yes, internet censorship in Thailand is for real. I mean, I wasn’t really accessing porn or anything (Why am I so defensive? LOL!) but I would get surprised sometimes when I click on a website straight from Google search, then I can’t open it anymore. Happened a lot of times so yeah, it’s for real.

Since we had to wake up early that morning since it’s our last day and we still have to go to Santorini Park, I only slept for about an hour.

Additional photo credits to my friend, Mine.

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