The Quest for the Adarna + Top of the Glo [2019.09.22]

I haven’t gone out with friends for weeks so I was excited to finally come out to join my friends in watching The Quest for the Adarna on Sept 22nd. While we all learned about this story when we were kids, not everyone remembers it! I don’t remember it. I don’t recall that the second part existed! All I remember is that after the youngest son captured the bird, they’d all go home and they lived happily ever after… NOT! So this was a really good refresher and I found the songs really catchy! I know that the musical is more targeted towards the kids, but as a 33-year-old kid at heart, I enjoyed it. The best performance was the old man’s rap! So Hamilton-like! 😊 The musical will run until January so let’s support Repertory Philippines!


We had dinner at Top of the Glo after the musical – Jhocel recommended it! So it’s basically at the rooftop of Glorietta (Top of the Glo-rietta, get it? HAHA!), where there are different restaurants and also a hangout place. There is one area with a lot of Japanese restaurants and they have installations in the middle to reflect some famous tourist spots in Japan. Of course, I had to take photos. 😊

We ate at this restaurant called Hakata Ton-ichi. You don’t need to spend P500 on ramen! You can enjoy it in this place! I know, I know, I didn’t order ramen because #riceislife. But Jhocel and Mike did and I didn’t hear any complaints. So come visit and #doitforthegram at the installments outside (or even inside this resto) 😉

We then tried FRNK. Ok, I am in BGC 5 days a week and we also have one in High Street but I didn’t try it until that weekend. I’ve had my eyes set on Ichigo eversince I heard about it because I was so drawn to the pink and green colors! So yes, it’s only fitting that I actually buy that. 😊 It was a quick weekend outing but I’m so glad to have actually gone out of our neighborhood and BGC, and ventured out somewhere else.

Ok, so what musical should I see next? I am super excited for Sweeney Todd in October! I can’t wait to watch Lea Salonga!

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