The Trip That Never Happened

I’m supposed to leave for Seoul on Saturday, but obviously now, it’s not going to happen. We have officially refunded our flights on Friday, Feb 28th and also cancelled our hotel booking (thank goodness for free cancellations!). They have lifted the ban – it was announced by Panelo (eek) but there are no changes on Cebu Pacific’s travel advisory. Anyway, with 100,000 confirmed cases globally – 6,300 of those for South Korea, there’s just no way I’m going.

I said I will definitely write about this whole thing once I return from Korea, but now’s the perfect time since I’m no longer going. Maybe not as detailed anymore, because I guess I’m not as angry as I was back then. Looking back, it has been doomed from the start. South Korea’s long ass visa process started in Sept, and we were affected by this because we applied for our visas in Dec. It was a little bit shorter than in September, but that was still 6 weeks. Imagine not having your passport for 6 weeks. It would totally suck for those who constantly travel for business. LOL.

Even before I submitted my visa documents, it has been very stressful, to the point that I really didn’t want to go anymore. From the first travel agency I dealt with, to the freaking application form, to my COE that I had to come back for several times. There was a moment when I really just wanted to book a flight to Japan, since I have a multiple-entry visa and I won’t need to bother with all this shit. December was a stressful month for me, and I was a bit relieved when I got my approved visa in early Feb. We also literally just added our baggage to our flights the day before that whole Daegu fiasco was reported. Now, because of COVID-19, I won’t even get to use it. After all that stress and time wasted, I won’t even get to go. Not so much on money because the visa processing expenses wasn’t really that expensive and I will get refunded for my flight tickets.

I have put a period on this last week and after this blog post, I am 100% moving on. On to the next chapter.


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