Team Clingy is what we call our group of friends at TaskUs. It started as 7 people and now, our family is continuing to grow. During our nesting, we would save seats right next to or near each other because we wanted to stick together, hence, Team Clingy. We’re so clingy and we admit we get very jealous easily with other people and possessive towards each other. I love clingy. 🙂

Enough with the prelude…

A few years back, when UMKTG went to Laiya, we made a promise that we will go back there because we had some unfinished business with La Luz. Little did I know that it would happen with my best friends from work! We’ve been planning this for a few months and our original plan was to go to Little Santorini in Batangas. We’ve been emailing them but we didn’t get any replies. We found out from their Facebook page that it’s currently closed for renovation. So we looked for another place. We had a couple of choices – Acuaverde, that Little Bali place in Antipolo, Magalawa in Zambales. In the end, we went with La Luz. It’s not too far – we can’t afford to go as far as Zambales because some of our friends had to go to work the next day. And it’s within our budget. Those three other places are definitely now in my bucket list though. I’d go there some other time. 🙂 There were a couple of problems days prior to our trip – ones I won’t mention anymore dahil iinit lang uli ang ulo ko. The important thing is the 11 of us were able to go.

Selfie at 3am!

Our call time was 3am, meet up at McDo forum. Most of us didn’t get any sleep. I was lucky because it was my rest day the day prior but some of us had to go straight from work. But the good thing was, our energy was so high, nobody slept the entire ride to La Luz. We were chatting, laughing, singing, eating. I don’t know what happened in the other van (since we were split up between Team Divine and Team Maine – I was part of Team Maine.) but knowing them, I’m pretty sure they were chatting the entire time as well. Nakakatuwa pala because nobody talked about who’s going to bring drinks or food but we didn’t run out of any during our road trip. Maine brought some snacks, Peachy made tuna cheese sandwiches for everyone and Kuya Alf had a cooler filled with drinks at the back of his van. Seriously, my friends are awesome!!

The weather was not so good. It started raining before we even left McDo. We didn’t even pray or a very good weather, just good and we got it! It wasn’t so sunny so we didnt even need the sunblock I bought the previous night. Di ako nangitim! Yaaaaay!

Team Maine #thuglife-ing at the toll gate. LOL!
Team Clingy!!!

Maine and Divine’s BFs (our designated drivers) didn’t really know how to get there and we’re totally playing it by ear. We merely relied on Google Maps and Waze but both can be quite unreliable at times. We got lost a few times but lo and behold, we arrived at La Luz at around 9am. Just in time since the daytour package is from 8am-5pm. Kaloka pala yun, I didn’t realize that La Luz is like nasa dulo na ng walang hanggan. Seriously, there was quarrying nearby and I thought we have to do a zipline pa or we’re going up that upslope road pa before we get there. Boy was I relieved when I saw the sign. Yaaaay, we’re finally there!


We’re on a daytour package which includes free use of their cabanas, welcome drinks, lunch and afternoon snacks. We were so excited to see the beach so we immediately changed into our swimsuits and jumped to the water! Most of us don’t know how to swim so the lie vests became our best friend. Although, it turned out to be some of my friends’ worst enemy, too because they suffered from an allergy later. Thank goodness, I was fine. We were able to go to the area where they probably do relays thanks to the life vest. I was not tempted to try it though. It looks dangerous. It’s bad enough that I suffered from minor scratches due to the urchins.

After an hour or so of playing in the water, we were all hungry. Lunch is strictly at noon so we had to wait at our cabanas. Some of us took a nap but most of us took advantage of the free WiFi, including me. Hihi. Finally got to do that heart thingy with my hair!

What’s great about La Luz is that they have a buffet for all their meals. I’m not too picky when it comes to food so as long as I get to eat a lot, I’m good. As usual, I was the who finished last.

After lunch, we walked around the resort and we ended up climbing up this mountain of rocks. I was hesitant at first because I was afraid of slipping. I just kept going up and voila, I’m there na! Kuya Alf was already there taking pictures of the sight. We took lots of pictures up there. Mai wanted to go to the tree house but I said, “Mai, hindi tayo si Spiderman.” Hahahaha. There was simply no way for us to get up there. We gave up and went swimming again.

Now this was crazy funny! My stomach hurt from all the laughing! Donning our life vests, we played in the water as if we were skydiving! Hahahaha!!! We were holding hands and we wanted to go far into the water but we always end up near the beach. We’re tired from all the swimming we’ve been doing but we barely moved. It was super tiring but amazingly fun!

Hapon na but my lipstick game is still oh so strong! Hahaha!

Afternoon snacks were at 3:30pm so we decided to wash up before that. I liked the afternoon snacks the most because I’m such a huge fan of palabok! I don’t really remember what else was there but I’m pretty much satisfied with the food. My only complaint though is that the staff doesn’t even help you with anything. The area where you get your drinks is at the other end of the restaurant and it’s quite tiring to go back and forth. Also, you have to place your used plates and utensils at the sink.

We left at around 5pm and I fell asleep right after we left La Luz. I wake up from time to time but I was just too tired to even bother about dinner. I became fully awake only when we were in Fort Bonifacio na. It was raining so hard the entire ride back. We wanted to have dinner together but we couldn’t find a place that will accommodate all of us. I wasn’t really hungry so fine with me.

Peachy and I got home at around 11pm. My body was hurting all over. I did Crossfit the day before and all that swimming just made my body pain so much worse. I slept with Salonpas all over my body. No fret though. The outing with my friends was such a success, our next plan is to go to Baguio this December! Can’t wait!

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