TAIWAN TRIP DAY 3 [2017.10.09]

Day 3 of my Taiwan trip! On this day, I was joined by Jai and his friend, Lester. Yaaaay! I finally have a friend! After that very stressful Sunday, it’s so nice to have a friend. LOL. I was supposed to go with them to Moon Bridge at Dahu Park but I woke up late. I was really tired. LOL. I ended up telling them to just go without me and went to 228 Peace Park instead.

Selfie in my capsule before going out!

228 Peace Park

I went here the first time on my first night but realized I’ll just come back cause I can’t see anything on the photos. LOL. I knew that it was going to be a good day because the weather was sunny and windy. It got really sunny but I didn’t complain cause I’d rather have that kind of weather rather than rainy. LOL.

There’s a lot to see here! It was my first stop so I drank coffee while sitting on one of the benches. Then it was time to roam around. 228 Peace Park is dedicated to the victims of the February 29 Massacre back in 1947. There’s an area in the park where you can see their photos and a big book of the events that took place. It’s near the museum, which was closed on that day cause I went on a Monday.

Love Mr Brown coffee! Tried all 3 flavors! ๐Ÿ™‚

228 Memorial Monument

Definitely looks better during the day!

Peace Bell

I noticed they always have stone paths in parks.



Taipei 228 Memorial Museum

It was closed when I went.. cause it was a Monday.. and a holiday.

Carp Pond

Cui Heng Chamber

You have a pagoda in the middle and 4 pavillions around it

The Huang’s Arch of Filial Piety

National Taiwan Museum

Such an amazing building! Love the steps going up to the museum! Lakas maka-Met steps! LOL!

In the area nearest to the NTU Hospital Station, there is some sort of camping. I read that 228 Peace Park has also been a venue for the LGBT community. So cool and colorful!

Just one disappointment: I was not able to see raccoons. TT_TT

Presidential Office

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-11:30am
Entrance fee: None

There was an event in front of the Presidential Office so I didn’t even bother going in. (Cause it was a holiday nga.) My plan was to do the tour inside the office but wasn’t able to so that’s something in my bucket list for the next time I visit Taiwan. I just stopped here for a while to take some photos and then continued to walk to Liberty Square. Saw a lot of things on the way! I tried taking selfies but damn, the damn wind won’t give me a chance to take some decent ones. LOL.

Saw this nice alley with a row of trees on both sides and wanted to take an OOTD, but everything won’t just cooperate. LOL. Either it’s too windy or the lighting isn’t good or there are other people walking around.

Passed by Jieshou Park, too which is a park dedicated to Lin Sen, a former president of the Republic of China.

One of the gates is also right next to Liberty Square.

Liberty Square (CKS Memorial Hall / National Concert Hall / National Theater)

Opening hours: 9am-6pm
Entrance fee: None

It was so hot when I got here! And super windy! I couldn’t even take a good photo in front of the gate. Liberty Square is the area where CKS Memorial Hall, National Concert Hall and National Theater are all located. There’s so much to see here! Since it was so hot, I would go inside these places for the AC. I was not able to go inside the National Theater though.

Other than these beautiful landmarks, you can go inside CKS Memorial Hall, where there is an exhibit about Chiang Kai Shek. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit – learned a lot! I didn’t know that he had a lot of wives before marrying one of the Soong sisters. I also really liked the replication of his office. There were stamps at the exhibit, too. Love love stamps! Also, I was able to see the march of the guards. There was no Changing of Guards every hour because it’s currently being renovated, but I was lucky enough to see this while looking for a water refilling station. LOL.

Secretly akong nakikinig sa guide nila LOL

I was able to finally meet up with Jai and Lester at CKS Memorial Hall! I brought them inside the exhibit cause I was just itching to tell someone about it.

The advantage of having good photographers with you HAHA

Dihua Street / Dadaocheng Wharf

From CKS Memorial Hall Station, we took the red line to Shuanglian Station so that we can go to Dihua Station. Little did we know that it’s still about more than a kilometer walk to Dihua Street. We decided to have lunch first at this small noodle shop by the sidewalk near the station. Ok, this is the difficult part – the language barrier. The uncle at the shop took the liberty of making whatever he thinks we like and we weren’t disappointed. It was a huge bowl of noodles with shrimp, beef and egg. I loved it! All for NTD50. The uncle was also really kind-looking.

Dihua Street is this small alley in the Dadaocheng area. It doesn’t seem much when you’re there but I was surprised with how pretty it looks on photos.

Meanwhile, I think it’s better to go to Dadaocheng Wharf in the evening. It was so hot when we got there. Adding this to my bucket list the next time I go to Taiwan.

Hindi ko alam kung church ba to o bahay, pero ang ganda eh!
In fair, maganda naman sya. Sobrang init lang when we were there.

I went back to the hostel after for some afternoon rest. Also, so that Jai and Lester can check in. We agreed to reconvene at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall at around 4pm.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Opening hours:ย 9am-6pm
Entrance fee: None

I took the blue line to SYS Memorial Hall Station. I love how this doubles as a park for families. There were a lot of people flying kites. (And since it was a holiday, there was an event here, too.) I was not able to go in because Jai and Lester were already on the way to Xiangshan Station. (We were going to Elephant Mountain next.) However, I was able to explore the exterior and took photos with the Taipei 101 in the background.

Taipei Arena

The view of Taipei 101 is so amazing from here!

Taipei 101 / Taipei City Hall

I decided to walk to the Taipei 101 Station and take the Metro to Xiangshan Station. I can actually walk straight to Xiangshan Station but I needed to conserve some energy for the hike. LOL. I passed by the Taipei City Hall (where there is an event as well) and Taipei 101.

Antaray ng city hall!

Elephant Mountain / Xiangshan Park

Ok, I am definitely not meant for this type of activity! But Taipei 101 is such a beaut at night and the view from here is amazing! I was also not dressed for this cause my sneakers were wet from the previous day. I was wearing sandals, people. We only climbed the steps up until the view deck because I know I wouldn’t be able to go further. I was sweating profusely and I had to put my hair up with a cap. I have never been so tired. It was worth it but I couldn’t wait for the steps to end.

After that tiring hike, we stayed at the park for like an hour to rest. I was seriously tired. Hiking is definitely not for me. LOL.

Hahaha daming pics with Taipei 101! Eh bored while waiting for the bus eh!
Masyado akong natuwa sa makinang na daan HAHAHA

Raohe Street Night Market

From Xiangshan Park, we walked to the bus station because we figured it would be easier. Using the Metro from Xiangshan to Raohe Night Market would entail several transfers and more walking. At that point, we just want to travel comfortably. It was the only time we took the bus within the city and I was very satisfied with how fast it was! I love how there’s no traffic in Taipei and public transportation is so efficient. At least we got to just sit comfortably and chat for a few minutes.

There were a lot of people at Raohe Street Night Market! It’s like walking in 168 Mall. LOL. We decided to eat some snacks on sticks – the sausage was realllllly good and juicy! The highlight of our night though was the shaved ice dessert. It was so yummy! That was the best bingsu I’ve had in my life!

So many people here!

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is super close to Raohe Street Night Market. It’s literally just a few steps away. We had a busy day so we decided to just chill in this area for maybe an hour. It’s like an updated version of Marikina River Park. LOL. So sorry for the comparison. The bridge is really unique, though it’s hard to take a photo that will really show how beautiful it is. I think I need to go underneath it to do that. When we were there, a lot of people were having picnics and enjoying their holiday.

Pabibo kase yung pinwheel eh!
Proof of attendance!

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