My friends and I scheduled a trip to Inflatable Island in Subic since we all had the same rest day. So… there are several passes to choose from depending on how many hours you want to spend on the inflatables. However, all passes grant you a full day at the beach. We decided to get the 2-hour pass which costs PHP549. We booked on their website since it’s cheaper and everything’s just more convenient online. But you can also go for an hour, half-day or full day. When you book, you also need to select which time you’d like to go on the inflatable. I guess except when it’s full day, since there’s no need to.

The morning of our trip, we met up at 3am to get breakfast and went to Victory Liner in Cubao. We got there before 4am, just in time for the trip to Zambales via TPLEX. The fare was PHP235 (PHP207 if you take the one via San Fernando – this is the one we took going home.) We wanted to get there before 8am, assuming that the ride will take 3 hours, we still have time to chill at the beach before going on the inflatables. Sadly though, it was super traffic at NLEX at around 5am and tit seriously took us an hour to get out of there. We read on Twitter that it happens every morning in that specific area. Come on, expressway! Anyway, the trip took almost 4 hours I think. We got off at the Victory Liner Terminal in Olongapo, and not too far from there is the Blue Jeepney Terminal where you’ll take the blue jeepney going to the Inflatable Island. I think jeepney drivers wouldn’t know if you tell them you’re getting off at Inflatable Island, so tell them either Samba (the name of the resort) or Kali (Beach). The fare was only PHP10.

We had some beach time before our stint on the inflatables so we tried out the unicorn floaties, swam a little bit, and took photos. At around 9:30am, we changed into our rashguards – I would have totally gotten sunburn if I hadn’t, and went to do the briefing for the activity. I thought it was gonna take that long but the girl (who does the orientation) basically just told us the dos and don’ts and made us sign the waiver. Then a few minutes before 10am, we got our lifevests and went on the inflatables.

It was a struggle to get on these inflatables! I was really happy when I successfully got on it though! Hahaha!

Mygosh, this was freaking tiring. It was very challenging and I seriously don’t have any arm strength so most of the obstacles were freaking difficult. Also, I think I’m mostly scared of falling into the water cause it hurts. It’s seawater so it’s painful to the eyes and nose. We signed up for 2 hours but I think we only did it for an hour. While waiting for Gelai and Kring to do the monkey bar, I already retreated under some shade and waited for them. LOL. I am just glad we didn’t buy the whole day pass cause there’s no way I’m doing that for 8 hours. I think it would have been best to do it at around 4pm though – when it’s no longer super hot. But then, we didn’t initially staying until sunset. We planned to stay only until around 3 or 4pm so we don’t go home too late.

Can I have my own pink swan?

There are several restaurants and food stalls inside, but like what you’d normally expect with inhouse restaurants, it’s quite pricey. You can actually go out and eat or buy snacks from outside and it’s cheaper. However, if you’re hungry and thirsty (like us), then you’d be willing to pay the overpriced food and drinks. I mean it’s not so bad. Like I said, it’s expected. There are worse food experiences.

The Bali Lounge is pretty comfortable, we initially wanted to take a nap after lunch but it was so hot. Gelai and I decided to go out into the floaties and chill there for hours. The Bali Lounge is made to look like La Plancha in Bali and they were able to achieve the look. Except that the bean bags at La Plancha are bigger, the ones at Bali Lounge looks dilapidated already.

There’s a lot of them! You will not run out of bean bags.

While waiting for the sunset, we had some time to relax and take more photos!

Going back is pretty much the same, ride a blue jeepney back to the terminal, and take the bus going back to Cubao. We had dinner at Chowking before taking the bus – it’s right in front of the Victory Liner terminal. The next bus that was leaving was via San Fernando and since the difference in travel time is only 30 minutes, we decided to just go for it. The trip going back was actually much faster.

I love how there are amazing places like this close to Metro Manila. Also, it’s so accessible to public transportation so it’s not so hard even if you don’t have your own car. It was good to just chill on the beach for a few hours, get some tan (my back and legs never recovered!) and spend time with friends.

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