Very Instagrammable Villa Jovita [2019.06.08-09]

We were originally planning to spend a weekend at Noni’s Resort but we ended up here. I still want to go there one day though. Anyway, so Villa Jovita is dubbed as the Bali of Batangas. I think there are similar places that have popped up with the Bali concept, but I believe this is the first one I’ve seen.

Ok, where do I start? We booked a room a few months prior and since there were 8 of us, we booked the Big Room B with shared bathroom which is PHP3500. One friend was not able to go so there were only 7 of us. Their pricing depends on whether you’ll book a room or if you’ll just go on a day tour – and this also depends if you just want to visit the Bali Corner or if you want to swim as well. Which is actually great, cause if you just want to take photos at the Bali Corner for a few hours and then you just need to pay for that and the entrance. Since we booked a room, on top of that, we only had to pay for the entrance fee, which also includes access to all pools (PHP150) and a discounted fee for the Bali corner (PHP150). The total for each person in my group is PHP800. That’s not so bad, because let’s say you’re going on a day tour, you’ll pay the full fee for the Bali Corner. Each fee is separatedepending on what activities you want to do, as well as if you’re going on a weekday or weekend. They have all the information on their Facebook page.


Day 1 (Saturday)

 We went on a Saturday, and even if the check-in is not until 2pm, we decided to meet at around 8am so there’s enough time for us to buy stuff, have lunch before check-in. Also, I’ve known my friends for more than 10 years and if we decide to meet at 10am (which was the original plan), we will end up leaving about an hour later. LOL. True enough, we set the time at 8am and we were on the bus by 9am. LOL. We still had enough time to buy breakfast from McDonald’s near the bus terminal.

At the DLTB Bus Terminal in Buendia and took the bus to Xentro Mall Lemery. The bus terminal in Lemery is just in front of the mall. You will not get lost because it’s terminal to terminal. From there, you can take a tricycle going to Villa Jovita. For us, we decided to have lunch first and buy groceries for our overnight stay, so we went crossed the street and went to Xentro Mall first, spent a couple of hours there before taking the tricycle to Villa Jovita. I forgot how much the bus fare is, but I checked some blogs and they mentioned that it was PHP175. The tricycle fare is PHP70 – I was with my 2 other friends, so that was approximately PHP25 per person.

Since it was a Saturday, there were a lot of people by the pools, but I think very few people stayed overnight. Ok, we were actually disappointed with the room because it is definitely not for 6-8 people. It’s more like for 4 people. They provided an extra mattress so what we did was, we pushed the two beds together where 5 people slept, and 2 people slept on the extra mattress on the floor. That was not too bad, because we’re actually used to sleeping anywhere during sleepovers. I also understand that Villa Jovita is actually a house on a property that was turned into a public attraction, but they can do some cleaning around. I don’t know if it is because they gave us the room that’s located in the house and the (newer) rooms outside are cleaner. But seriously, it made me want to grab a broom and just sweep around the room. It just looked so unprofessional. Our bathroom is just beside our room, but the other room is also using that, so we use the bathrooms outside the house. I got comfortable using the bathroom near the pool and the restaurant. 

After settling down, we proceeded to the Bali Corner because that is our purpose for going there! So, you have to get this bracelet from the reception. Also, they have a rule that you can’t go in there if you are wet from bathing in the pool. Which is a really good rule. There was an old woman who was insisting to go when she’s clearly wet, and they really didn’t allow her so kudos to them for that. I must say, the Bali Corner served its purpose, we had a blast taking photos on the swing, the nest, that circle nest thing, etc. It took us I think two hours to take photos because there were 7 of us and we took turns in taking photos in each station. It was also super hot, but we managed. I’m absolutely happy with the photos. We actually didn’t finish all the stations, we decided to do the other ones the next morning. Yes, if you’re staying overnight, you can go back to the Bali Corner as many times as you want.

Can I just say that the kuyas at the Bali Corner got super crazy with the pushing?! I was literally scared for my life. I actually kicked one of them because I was too scared, and I couldn’t keep my legs straight. I felt like I was going to slide down if I don’t bend at least one leg. Sorry, kuya that I kicked in the face!

The money shot

Some videos LOL. The first one’s beautiful, the second one’s just noise HAHAHA. I’m doing you a favor by not posting the noisiest one, trust me.

After a few hours of taking photos, it was time to swim so there are two sets of pools, the riverside pools don’t have chlorine and this is the cascading ones whose photos you have probably seen on the internet. They have one pool that has chlorine, which is located near the restaurant and Bali Corner. I had a quick dip at this pool but didn’t really stay long. I got very itchy from the other pools that I just wanted to have a shower. Ate Edcel and I washed up earlier than everyone else and stayed in the room afterward. My other 5 friends spent quite a few hours in that pool with chlorine, they said they didn’t feel itchy because of that. But I really just wanted a shower and that solved the problem for me as well.

We had our dinner at the restaurant – it’s a good thing they already have one! On most blogs, they mentioned that the resort doesn’t have one so maybe it’s fairly new. A thing to note is that the restaurant closes at 6:30pm, because the resort’s day tour is only until 6pm. So we gave our orders before going to the pools and told them that will come back for early dinner at 5pm. They had it ready by then. They have a whole menu and of course, like in all resorts, it’s going to be more expensive than usual but it’s nothing outrageous. I ordered a tilapia with rice meal and it was around PHP120, I think, and we bought a 1.5L Coke for the whole group so it was not a very expensive meal.

This is the wall of the restaurant’s kitchen. Sooooo colorful!

I had an early night and I was knocked out by 8pm. I came from an 8-hour shift the night before, got off work at 6am and didn’t get a wink of sleep before going to the bus terminal that morning. I was able to take a nap on the bus, but that was not a lot. My friends and I still played a lot of games and I could hear them, but I was really sleepy so I didn’t mind at all. I still had a very good, peaceful sleep.

 Day 2 (Sunday)

Naturally, I also woke up really early. LOL. Our check out time was at noon, so we had plenty of time. My friends started waking up one by one and we decided to look for breakfast. Ok, the advantage of Villa Jovita’s location is that it’s in a residential area and there were houses selling stuff around. One house just at the entrance were selling silogmeals, which are a lot cheaper than what they sell in the restaurant. It was like PHP75-95 depending on what you have, and they have coffee for PHP15. Ate Edceland I took care of this, ordered our food and coffee to ate and they actually delivered them to our room so it was super convenient. I love how Villa Jovita is not strict when it comes to bringing in food. They have no corkage and they even allow outside sellers to come in and deliver. That is pretty amazing, considering that most resorts capitalize on corkage fees. Ate had some Gasul issues for a few minutes, but we still got our food at around 8am.

We ate at the tables by the pool and then continued our Bali Corner escapade after breakfast. Yay for more photos in a different outfit! This was what I wore to bed last night though. LOL. 

Dreamcatchers 🙂
Another nest in another corner LOL
At another swing for photo op purposes because I’m not crazy to do it again LOL
Isang maayos naman 🙂
Pasingit ng weather report HAHAHAHA
Freaking love this Snapchat filter HAHA

I initially wanted to swim some more and experience the chlorine pool, but I got lazy and just decided to wash up and prepared to leave. 

Photo na lang at the pool

So we didn’t really do a lot in the morning, just hang out in the room and then checked out. It was the same way going out – trike to Xentro Mall but we decided to get off at Max’s to have lunch. Can I just say that the Max’s in that area has such amazing customer service! It’s the best I have experienced in a while. Kudos to the team! We planned to do some other stuff in Batangas (depending on the energy we have left) but I guess, we all just wanted to go home so we weren’t able to. We went straight to the DLTB Bus Terminal and started making our way back to Manila. We took the bus going to Alabang this time, while Nica took the one back to Buendia. Naturally, I took a nap the whole way to Alabang. LOL. And I slept some more on the bus going to SM Aura.

Proof of attendance!

That ends our weekend in Villa Jovita. I totally recommend this place because it’s so accessible, and it really gives you the Bali feels without having to go to Bali. It’s cheap – I think I spent less than PHP2000 for this weekend. I got amazing photos and videos that are super perfect for the ‘gram and got to spend the whole weekend with friends. The only thing is, just manage your expectations when it comes to the room. You’d be lucky if you get the new rooms. But if you’re a big group, you are most likely to get the room in the house. But you can also pitch a tent, that’s a lot cheaper and a good experience, but it can get hot so just take that into consideration. Batangas is really an amazing province, there’s a lot of places and resorts to go to, there are more unique ones popping up. I can’t wait to try all the other ones. ^^

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