What Did I Buy Recently? (Shopee & Lazada Haul)

It’s been a while since I have done this but I made it a mission to post something this week, so I am posting this. LOL. I have some planned posts about my trip with Kevin, but this week has been so busy that I have not really started writing about it. So, maybe next week, but it’s a Shopee & Lazada haul for this week.

1) Air Fryer Baking Paper

Shop here.
Price: ₱150

Pic from the listing on Shopee

Ok, this shit is life-changing! If you have an air fryer, you need this! It catches all the oil and excess food, making it easier to clean your air fryer. It’s pretty amazing; even if there’s a lot of oil, it never breaks.

2) Strap for wireless earbuds

Shop here.
Price: ₱49

Pic from the listing on Shopee (I have the black one.)

I bought this because I’m always scared that my Huawei Freebuds would fall off while I’m jogging or walking, and then I will step on them. It’s so perfect for wireless buds users!

3) Hanging Neck Fan

Shop here.
Price: ₱265

Pic from the listing on Shopee (I have the dark blue one.)

I have entered that part of my life where I need a handheld mini fan. LOL. I walk to work everyday and even though I walk at night, it still can get pretty humid. This mini fan is pretty cute, it has three modes,, has a lanyard, and is rechargeable via USB.

4)Wide-Leg Pants

Shop here.
Price: ₱209

I have been looking for wide-leg pants, but I don’t want to spend much money on clothes. I like thrifting and obviously, clothes are much cheaper. However, trust me, I have looked so hard, but can’t find what exactly I like. So, I’m so glad I found this store because I think it’s the cheapest pair I’ve seen so far, as well as have good reviews. I bought dark brown, but I am definitely buying more colors. I use it for work, and it’s light enough for beach trips, too.

5) ACE 32″ Smart TV

Shop here.
Price: ₱5,379

Pic from the listing on Shopee

My family doesn’t watch TV, so we didn’t have TV for years. Seriously, I think the last time we had TV was before I moved my family with me to Makati so I’m going to say since around 2017. I finally decided to buy one recently. I’ve had the ACE TV in my cart for years and I have been reading about it for a while so when it was time to check out, it was an easy decision. I knew I was going to buy a TV, it was really just a matter of when and I finally did it last August! ^^

6) Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control

Price: ₱787

I’m not linking the store because I don’t recommend it at all. I actually initially bought from another store, but the seller messaged me that brown wasn’t available and that they will send me a yellow one. See, I am grateful for that courtesy because they informed me and I was allowed to cancel because what I wanted was not available. So, I bought it from another store. Once again, I selected the brown one. The difference is they sent me a yellow one. I sent them a message before leaving my review, but the only reply I got was “ok”. They are so terrible. It’s a pity because the item is good overall, and I am planning to buy another one for the kitchen, but I will definitely be buying from another store.

The ceiling fan is smaller than I was expecting (Size: 26*26*15), but it works well! The round light is very bright, you can choose from white and yellow light, and has different modes. You can also adjust the brightness of both white and yellow lights. The ceiling fan also has different modes, of course, I normally use the strongest mode. You can control it using a remote, separately. Meaning, you can turn on the fan without the light and vice versa. I also love it that the attachment is like that of a standard bulb, it’s perfect for renters since you don’t need to attach it how you would a bigger ceiling fan. I think the only downside is that since it doesn’t have the capability for rotation, the wind just blows in one area.

7) Toilet Paper Holder

Shop here.
Price: ₱65.59

Pic from the listing on Lazada

I really just wanted a container for tissue so that it won’t get wet. I realized though that I’m too lazy to replace the tissue paper inside, so it gets used but not so much. I love it though, totally recommendable if you have a small bathroom and don’t want your toilet paper to get wet during showers.

8) Dish Organizer

Shop here.
Price: ₱635

Pic from the listing on Lazada

We have been using the dish organizer I won at a Christmas Party when I was still teaching in Baguio, so I would say it has been used for 10 years and it was time to move on. I also wanted to buy a smaller one because there are only 3 of us at home and I knew all our dishes and utensils would fit in a smaller dish organizer. A smaller dish organizer would also give us more space on the kitchen top.

9) Utensils Organizer

Price: ₱139

I can’t link the store because unfortunately, it is no longer available. I had to buy this because the dish organizer I bought didn’t have space for utensils. I guess you can put them on the top part, but I think it would be too cluttered because that specific space is meant for just chopsticks. This organizer has 3 sections, so it’s perfect for spoons, forks, bread knives, and straws. I just placed it inside on the bottom part next to the plates.

10) Green Shower Head

Shop here.
Price: ₱125

Pic from the listing on Lazada

It’s just too pretty! It has three different modes. However, a note – it doesn’t have its own hose, which can get complicated because they come in different sizes. It would have been better if it comes with its own hose to make sure that it fits perfectly with the shower head.

11) Huawei Band 6

Shop here.
Price: ₱2,090

Pic from the listing on Lazada

I’m so glad I bought this. It’s perfect for when I go on jogs or walks because I don’t need to bring my phone with me all the time and my workout/steps still get recorded. When my boyfriend and I were in Boracay, we did morning jogs and I didn’t have to bring my phone with me, I just wore my Huawei Band on my jog. Also, I started doing skipping ropes and it helps track this workout – I won’t be able to do this with my phone unless I keep it on my person. Which I really don’t want to do since it will weigh me down. It also helps with my sleep tracking, however, I think the Samsung Health app was much better at sleep tracking. I think the Huawei Health sleep tracking is built on the assumption that you sleep at night. I work at night so I definitely do not follow that standard.

Other bonus features that I like are:
(1) I can control my music player and Spotify without my phone.
(2) I can take photos through Bluetooth by using the watch as my remote.
(3) I get notifications, especially message notifs from Messenger and WhatsApp even if I am away from my phone.
(4) I have a little flashlight on here. I feel like a member of the Detective Boys. LOL.
(5) I can change the watch face – there are so many themes on Huawei Health.
(6) It’s water resistant, so I can use it even when swimming.
(7) They advertised that the battery lasts for 14 days, so I tested this and it was accurate.

12) Gray Laptop Sleeve (13″)

Shop here.
Price: ₱110

Ok, I’ve had my old laptop sleeve for 3 1/2 years, so it was time to replace it when I saw a hole in one of the edges. I love this one because it has a zipper so I feel like my laptop is safer inside. It’s the right color, , it’s thick and has a large space. My laptop fits perfectly inside as well, with enough space for a mouse pad.

13) Maybelline Lip Tint – Sensational Liquid Matte

Shop here.
Price: ₱232

I picked the right color, and I love the shade! My friend gave me this Maybelline lipstick last year and I love the formula so I decided to stick with this moving forward, only in a different shade.

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