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I started my HBO Go subscription last month because of On The Job. The new movie installment, plus the first movie was chopped into 6 episodes and was released on HBO Go on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, I have not watched it yet because I need to be in the correct headspace when I watch this. I will soon, I promise! I am just not in the mood for this yet.

However, I have always preferred shows on HBO so I feel like HBO Go is the perfect subscription for me. It is also cheaper than Netflix. I have been watching a lot of old movies, like those that came out like 15 to 20 years ago, and rewatching them as an adult. It is very interesting.

Warning: May contain spoilers

The Head (2020)

Premise from Wikipedia:

Winter has fallen on the South Pole. The sun will soon disappear for the next six months. A small team, known as the Winterers, will remain at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station to continue their innovative research, a crucial part in the fight against climate change, under the command of renowned biologist Arthur Wilde (John Lynch). But when spring comes, summer commander Johan Berg (Alexander Willaume) returns to the station only to find the entire team is either dead or missing. A killer is on the loose and Annika (Laura Bach), Johan’s wife, is missing. If he wants to find her alive, he will have to trust Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), the young doctor who is profoundly shaken and apparently the sole survivor of the group.

I definitely went to the Asian category first as soon as I subscribed to HBO Go. THis is literally the first thing I watched on the HBO Go app. I was browsing and I was so shocked to see Yamapi and the Professor in the same drama! It was around 5 or 6am, it only has 6 episodes, but I still dove in and totally binged it! It’s a mystery thriller so it’s way up in my alley.

The whole series is in English, but it’s a Spanish production, in cooperation with Hulu Japan (I think), that is why Yamapi, a popular Japanese actor is one of the main characters. The Professor aka Álvaro Morte is one of the producers. But I think I was just really drawn to this because I didn’t that Yamapi has been doing international shows like this. I’m super proud of Yamapi for being part of this series! His character was super lovable. Huhu. He also sang the ending song of the show.

I don’t want to write so much about this to avoid spoilers, but I just want to say that when I started it, I just couldn’t stop. It’s one of those shows that you’d totally binge because you’d want to find out who the killer is. Sometimes, murder mysteries have really meh ending once they reveal the killer, but I must say, this one was really satisfying to me! Let’s just say, of course, I had a guess, but I kept going back and forth. My first guess was correct, but of course, the show will confuse and throw you off. If you are someone who likes closure, then you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend this one.

While researching for information as I write this post, I read that there will be a Season 2. This time, set in a container ship. Damn, I am fucking excited!

Sex and the City (1998-2004)

I think we all know what SATC is all about – I do not need to copy a premise from Wikipedia. LOL. I watched this when I was not even old enough to really be watching this. LOL. I wanted to see until what season or episode I actually watched and everything was pretty familiar except for the Berger arc, as well as the latter part of Petrovsky’s arc.

It was definitely interesting to watch this now as a 30-something woman who has more experience (I think haha). Miranda is still definitely my favorite character, but I have a newfound love for Samantha. Obviously, she was too much for me when I was younger, but I love her now! And at some point, I even commented that for a show that is called “Sex and the City”, man, these characters are such prudes! Yes, it’s not just Charlotte! But I know, I know, this was 20 years ago – it was a different time. Samantha was way, way ahead of her time.

I enjoyed spotting the guest stars who are now super famous. There are so many of them! I also found it crazy that Justin Theroux played two different characters in two different seasons! It’s also so interesting to find out how early or late some notable characters appeared like Steve, Magda, Aidan, Trey, and Harry.

My biggest realization is that man, Carrie is a garbage person! Big is definitely also a garbage person so, in all honesty, they deserve each other. LOL. Their entire relationship is so toxic and it gives me a freaking headache. A relationship shouldn’t be this stressful and you shouldn’t have to struggle so much. It is definitely fine to still be friends with your exes, but you really do not have to go out of your way to invite him back to your life. For example, in Season 2, she even invited him to her birthday and they would have casual dinners together. Whaaaat??? That is not normal, girl. Stop. But despite all this, the Natasha arc was a lot. I mean, they literally broke up at the end of Season 1 because Big doesn’t want to get married, and then in Season 2, he gets married to Natasha. Then Carrie becomes the side-chick. It is a fucking mess! Told you, garbage people deserve each other. LOL.

I’m still Team Aidan up to this day. Come on, he was perfect! Although in hindsight, this was doomed from the start because Carrie just couldn’t stop lying to him. If she can lie to him about something small like quitting smoking, then obviously, she can definitely lie about more serious stuff like cheating on him with Big. Carrie doesn’t deserve him. Aidan forgave her for so many things, but she can’t give him shit.

Some Miranda and Charlotte moments made me cry! In my opinion, they have the best storylines out of the four main characters. I am in awe of how patient Miranda is towards her friends, especially Carrie. Carrie is a lot, y’all. I would have given up on her a long time ago. LOL. Also, I don’t remember how I felt about Steve when I was younger, but he actually annoyed me when he and Miranda first started dating. But of course, that changed over the course of the series, especially when they started co-parenting Brady.

Since I also watched The Carrie Diaries a few years ago, I spotted a plot hole when Jeremy (played by David Duchovny), Carrie’s showed up on Season 6. My initial thought was: “Where does he fit in The Carrie Diaries timeline?” And I think that is such a huge plot hole because TCD is set in 1984 and Carrie was 16. But if we are following SATC’s timeline, Carrie is 16 in 1982 which is when she dated Jeremy. Also, there was a storyline in S5 about Carrie’s daddy issues. But on TCD, one of the main characters is his dad and he is very much present during her high school life. Now I get why TCD was cancelled. Did the writers even watch SATC? It would’ve been super easy to spot these mistakes if you remember the SATC episodes. TCD is a lie!!

I didn’t realize that the Alexander Petrovksy arc was the final boyfriend arc of the series. It was so satisfying how Carrie finally told off Big. She should have done this a long time ago! It’s still so satisfying even if we all know what happens later. The Paris arc made me really think, though, no matter how tempting it is, I really still can’t live a glamorous but lonely life like this.

I also watched the first movie (the second movie was not available on HBO Go) – and maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but it was not Lily Goldenblat and her bejeweled cupcake’s fault that Big didn’t show up at the wedding! It was Big’s fault alone! It was not Carrie’s fault that he felt stupid that this is his third marriage. It was so satisfying how Carrie kept hitting him with her bouquet! Soooo not a Big fan! And his “apology” in the end made me roll my eyes. No, it is not romantic that his “love letters” was him retyping all those love letters from that book and his actual letter was just one line. It’s a no for me, fam!

I hope they can also add the second movie on HBO Go. Hopefully, before Just Like That starts in December. ^^

Miss Sherlock (2018)

Premise from Wikipedia:

Miss Sherlock depicts “consulting detective” Sara “Sherlock” Shelly Futaba (Yūko Takeuchi) solving various mysteries in modern-day Tokyo. Sherlock is assisted by her flatmate, Dr. Wato Tachibana (Shihori Kanjiya), a doctor who has recently returned from volunteering medical aid in Syria.[1] Because of Sherlock’s keen observational and deduction skills, she is frequently asked by Inspector Gentaro Reimon of the Metropolitan Police to help with cases.

Although the series depicts a variety of crimes and perpetrators, Sherlock must deal with the secret organization, Stella Maris, who is behind some of the crimes they solve. Other recurring characters include Kimi Hatano, the landlady where Sherlock lives, and Kento Futaba, the Prime Minister Secretary and Sherlock’s older brother.

This is too short! This jdorama only has 8 episodes and that was so not enough for me, I wish we had at least 3 more episodes. Haha. I just miss watching jdoramas! I wish there will be more Japanese dramas on HBO Go!

While the episodes were good, it’s so easy to spot who the killer or culprit is – it is usually the most popular guest star. Haha. I mean, there is no way a popular actor would be there as just a simple guest star. LOL.

I also realized while watching the first episode that Yuko Takeuchi passed last year, so I’m not sure there will be a next season. They will have to replace the main actress if ever they will doing another season.

Made For Love (2021)

Premise from Wikipedia:

After a woman escapes from a suffocating 10-year marriage to a tech billionaire, she discovers her husband had her fitted with a tracking device. The device, which he implanted in her brain, allows him to track her location, watch her live, and know her “emotional data” as she tries to regain her independence.

This is another short series, it only has eight 30-min episodes. This is fucking creepy and toxic!!!! Dude, rich men are scary! I’m looking forward to watching the next season! What I love about HBO Go, too, is that I can download the episodes and watch them during my walk. I literally watched the first 3 episodes during my walk. I do the same for Barry.


I have a few that I’m still watching on HBO Go so I will talk about them next time, but I would like to mark my progress here.

Fboy Island

I stopped at Episode 6 because I cannot with Sarah! She is driving me nuts with how blind she is towards Garrett!


I’m currently at Episode 12 and I’m getting triggered about the whole Inju Rape Case so I had to stop.


I finished the first season and I just needed a break in-between seasons. I’m totally Team Kendall now and I felt so bad for him after the events of Season 1! Why do the writers hate him so much??? LOL!


I am currently at Season 1, Episode 7. I will def continue this as soon as I finish Nine Perfect Strangers!

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