Where to Stay in Siquijor: Das Traum, Cliff Garden & The Sylvia

Ok, I would like to preface this by saying that we don’t normally go for expensive accommodations. I would say our budget is like PHP1000/night, and we prefer a private room with our own bathroom. That’s it, we’re not picky at all.

Also, I would like to say that when you are entering Siquijor, it is required to book a DOT-accredited accommodation. They will check your booking confirmation at the port. We were initially planning to stay at The Bruce during our first few days. I inquired 5 days before our arrival, and they confirmed that the room I wanted was still available. They took our names + age for the booking confirmation and they said they will be sending the booking confirmation later. I followed up three days later, no reply. I followed up again on May 11th because we were going to Siquijor on May 12th, but no reply again. Seenzoned. My last message to them was in the evening of May 11th, before giving up and looking for another place at the last minute.

It took me a few hours because every time I find something decent, in a good area and within our budget. I would cross-check it to the list of DOT-accredited accommodations and it’s not there. It was so annoying. LOL. Most of the accommodations on that list are either not in our budget or not my style. So, we decided to stay 2 nights in somewhere cheap, and accredited and then move to another place. The Bruce would have been perfect because they’re DOT-accredited, but that interaction really disappointed me. They totally ghosted me. I stayed with them in 2018 and I even recommended them to some friends. Hence, I was really shocked about how this all went down.

Das Traum Guest Haus

Address: 15 Siquijor Circumferential Road Pangi, Siquijor, 6225, Central Visayas, Philippines

We ended up staying at Das Traum Guest Haus, because we thought, it is near the port. Meaning, we don’t need to pay for a tricycle to go to our first hotel while carrying all our bags. Also, it’s only two days so we can explore this side of Siquijor as well. I stayed in San Juan the entire time in 2008, so I was down to stay in this part of Siquijor for 2 days. I booked this on Agoda, and our total for 2 nights is PHP 1,131.57. It is actually cheaper to book with them directly. If you really want to stay here, I suggest you do that instead.

The room I booked was the family (fan) room with a private bathroom. We had 3 beds, one double and two single beds. We ended up using the double bed for sleeping and then used each single bed for our stuff. There is a TV (we didn’t use it though), a mirror (which I liked), and a wall fan. We were located on the second floor, so we had a balcony where we had a table and chairs. We spent a lot of time here because it was cool and windy!) and a rocking chair, and then the bathroom was located outside, and the door was in the balcony.

There was no shower, and no flush on the toilet. It was Kevin’s first time to use a tabo and he didn’t mind that at all. There were clotheslines in the balcony and in the bathroom, so we also liked that. It was perfect for drying our clothes. This was an interesting set-up, but we didn’t really mind at first because we didn’t really pay a lot for this room. Also, Kevin smokes so having a balcony is perfect.

Das Traum is only one kilometer from Siquijor Port so upon getting out of the port, we just walked to our guesthouse. I love that we were able to save some money on tricycle. There is also a beach nearby called Dapdap Beach, which is 400 meters from the guesthouse. Right after checking in, we stayed here until the sunset. They also have a one-stop shop / restaurant near the port. Since this is near the poblacion, we were able to rent our scooter in the POSTODA terminal. I do think that location-wise, it is actually really good. If you want to go to San Juan, you can get there by scooter in like 10 minutes.

The staff is really nice, too. They were very generous in providing us with hot water everyday. Err, several times a day – Kevin drinks a lot of coffee. Although there was one time that the hot water they provided had a baby cockroach. That was really gross and Kevin already had a sip of his coffee when he realized that there was something swimming in his cup. I had to give my coffee to him. Poor guy.

They also generously provided us with another electric fan because the wall fan doesn’t really reach the bed and it was really hot in the evening. However, it was really not just because of the wall fan, it was because of the power interruption for two consecutive nights. We actually contemplated moving to an AC room for our second night but decided to just ask for another electric fan, which they provided. Had we moved to an AC room and then there was a power interruption again on the second night, we would have been more pissed since it would be a waste of money.

I find it weird that we only experienced power interruptions in this accommodation, and not in the other two, we stayed in Siquijor. Moreover, I know this is out of their control as well, but the dogs in the neighborhood are freaking noisy! That was another reason we had a hard time sleeping here (aside from the heat due to no power).

Will I recommend this place? Not really. I’m sorry! While there are some pros to this place, you will not get a good night’s sleep due to the heat and noisy dogs.

Cliff Garden Siquijor

Address: Tag-ibo, San Juan, 6227 Siquijor, Philippines

This my favorite out of all the accommodations we stay in Siquijor. We checked out of Das Traum Guest Haus early because we didn’t really have anything to do there anymore. I mean, we can start our tour of Siquijor and then go back at noon during checkout but I feel like that’s counter-productive. So checking out early, and leaving our bags at the new accommodation was a much better decision. I think we left at around 10am, and then drove to Cliff Garden. It was funny how we managed to get all our stuff with us in our small motorcycle. LOL. I wish we had a photo or video, but our hands were definitely full.

We were definitely too early for check-in so we weren’t really expecting to have access to our room as soon as we arrived. We were going to leave our bags at Cliff Garden and then go our way, but then it started raining, so we were stuck. While waiting, we were allowed to check in early (I think this was around noon) so we were super grateful about that.

The room I booked was a double room with balcony and sea view on Agoda. They only accept cash, even if you book via Agoda. What really drew me in when I initially saw this on Instagram was the outdoor shower and toilet. I super love the details, and even the light is covered with a seashell.

The bed is a king bed so it was spacious, we even have a plant in the room that they adorned with fairy lights. The closet looks very vintage, although a little bit noisy every time you open it. I pretty much love the entire room, and even though it has no AC, it is still cool as it has a lot of windows and we also leave the door to the bathroom open at night to leave some cool breeze in. The room also has a patio with a small table, bean bag, and macrame chair.

Here are some photos of the dorm from the outside. It is also super pretty, so if you’re traveling by yourself, I suggest booking the dorm because you also get all the really cute amenities, without paying for a private room.

The whole place is really beautiful, right from the parking lot and entrance (I wish I took a photo of this!) where there are flowers and vines as a “roof”. It is full of plants – definitely living up to its garden theme. Upon entering, you will see the two private rooms on each side, then the dorm, then the restaurant facing the cliff. The restaurant has a spa feel to it because of the decoration and the music. We hung out here a lot because the WiFi is definitely stronger here than in our room, and the view is so much nicer. Why would you want to stay in your room when you can be chilling in a place where you’re surrounded by plants.

When you go out onto the cliff, they have hammocks and a table and chairs, where we also spent some days having breakfast. Unfortunately, there is no ladder going down to the water, but if it is high tide then you can definitely go down there and snorkel. Of course, Kevin tried it and went snorkeling while I took some rest in one of the hammocks by the plants.

If we’re really going to nitpick on something, it’s that hot water is not free, I think it’s 10 pesos for one cup We only bought brewed coffee here and bottled water, which is definitely pricier than buying outside. Also, you need to settle your bill every night, not upon checkout. Definitely not unique to Cliff Garden because the internet signal is quite terrible on the entire island. I worked for one night and while it worked fine when we were at our patio, I got disconnected a lot inside the room throughout the whole night. But again, this is a Siquijor problem.

The staff though is super helpful. Our doorknob broke during our stay (it was already wonky when we checked in, I noticed the staff had a hard time opening it when we were given our keys.) and they immediately purchased a new one and replaced it. These are just really small things though. Overall, we had an amazing experience here.

Will I recommend this place? A BIG FAT YES. You just have to see it for yourself.

The Sylvia

Address: Siquijor Circumferential Road, Solangon, 6225, San Juan, Siquijor

This was our last accommodation in Siquijor and we didn’t really give it much thought anymore. At this point, Kevin was quite done with Siquijor and wanted to move on to Bohol. Only, we couldn’t because we booked the scooter until the end of our stay in Siqujor and I booked my flight back to Manila from Dumaguete. I literally booked this place at around 7pm the night before we checked in while having dinner at Salamandas Restaurant. I kid you not, we did the bulk of our internet stuff while having our meals at a beachfront restaurant. LOL.

I thought of The Sylvia because I thought it would be nice to stay in the center of San Juan, which is Solangon. (Am I correct or is this just my assumption? LOL.) Since I don’t want to deal with The Bruce anymore, The Sylvia is the next best thing. I know for a fact that these two are owned by the same family (as well as Dagsa, which is a great restaurant nearby) and w (Amhen you book with The Sylvia, you get to use the facilities of The Bruce.

Since it was pretty last minute, the only rooms they had were family rooms. We booked the family room (without a kitchen) for PHP900/night. There are two beds, one double and one single bed. We used the double bed, of course, and used the single bed for our stuff. The room is really spacious and has a spacious bathroom and toilet as well. It is pretty simple. If their double room was available, it would’ve only cost us PHP600/night, but this is not too bad. There is also a patio where we had a long wooden sofa and a table.

The Sylvia really has changed since I was last here because their restaurant is no longer open and it’s where the party’s at every Saturday. I think they still get bands to play here from time to time (based on their Facebook page) but I think it’s more of a venue rental now. It was pretty empty during our stay here, although three other rooms has guests. There weren’t any events, so we spent some time at the common area because the WiFi doesn’t reach our room. We definitely did visit The Bruce, but Kevin preferred White Villas Resort, so we spent both days at Solangon there. LOL.

The staff who handled my booking was definitely more responsive than at The Bruce (LOL). I booked the place in just a matter of minutes and even told us proactively that we can check in early because there is no one staying there at the moment. We also had to have our bed sheets replaced on our second day and they handled that for us.

Will I recommend this place? Why not. It’s not beachfront and there is really nothing special about the rooms, but the location is great and you can get the same privilege as you get staying at The Bruce.

We actually planned on staying in Lazi, and I really wanted to try Jungle Hut, but unfortunately, they are fully booked. Maybe next time!