Ok, this was a real staycation. We made the mistake of connecting Mine’s Netflix account to the Smart TV in the room and we ended up getting hooked on this Japanese drama called Good Morning Call. LOL! So all our plans of getting wine drunk on the balcony or by the pool went poof~ gone. We ended up in front of the TV almost the entire time. We did go to some places though during our weekend in Tagay. LOL.


We really just wanted to have dinner. We wanted to have bulalo and tawilis. But then this restaurant called Bradley’s screwed us over. Right after ordering, we went to take photos around and it was actually really fun. Their sister restaurant and bar, BLDG 3 was actually quite Instagrammable. They also had a band that played music. However, an hour later and after so many follow-ups and other people also complaining about their turtle slow service, we decided to leave.We moved to Gerry’s Grill and they were able to prepare our food within 15 minutes. Ok, so never going back to that Bradley’s place again despite the nice ambiance and view. I stalked their Facebook page right after we returned to Manila and there are really a lot of bad reviews. What actually pissed us more is that even when the chef came out to talk to us, he placed the blame on the staff, as if he had nothing to do with all the trouble that happened. That’s really terrible. Anyway, just avoid this place. There are a lot of other places where you can have a good dining experience in Tagaytay.

Masaya pa kame dito sa part na to. HAHAHA.
Phail ang aking pagpuso sa full moon HAHAHAHA


This is where we stayed for 2 nights! Celine booked this through Airbnb and I was definitely satisfied! Definitely loved the Smart TV! Hahahaha! Wind Residences is easy to spot, it’s right next to Summit Ridge and in front of Gerry’s Grill. It has 5 towers and I forgot what Tower we were in. I think Tower 3. There are restaurants on the ground floor and there’s even a 7-11, so if you don’t want to go too far, just get on the ground floor. They have nice facilities like a huge grassland at the back where you can just chill, take a rest under the shade of the tree. This is where we spent our afternoon after checking out, while we finished the last 3 episodes of Good Morning Call. They also have 3 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool, a basketball and tennis court. The garden was pretty nice, too. The clubhouse is pretty nice. My only complaint though is that they charged too much for the use of the pool on that day cause it was a holiday, but the toilet and bath sucks. Like only 1 cubicle is working. We had no choice but to go back to the room and take a shower there instead.

The club house in the evening! We just visited it on our first night, before going to dinner.
Literal na kinukuha na ko ng liwanag dito! Wala akong tulog nyan!

Anyway, so we got to try the pool on our second day and I definitely enjoyed swimming! It was not so hot and the water is pretty warm. The view of the towers was pretty nice from the pool. Mine and I definitely enjoyed taking photos in the garden. Hahahaha!

Selfie muna sa may elevator hahaha

Magsawa kayo sa fes ko dito HAHAHA. Belong na belong ako sa foliage eh! Ponkan na ponkan!

Definitely enjoyed swimming here! Ganda ng weather that day! πŸ™‚


We went to the Pink Sisters Convent after we had our lunch. It was actually my first time to go to a convent and it was a good experience. There were tons of people since it was Holy Week and all and it’s just amazing how we Filipinos keep these traditions. I did a prayer pledge for me, my family and my friends.


Ok, we didn’t really spend time at Sky Ranch, we just passed by it on the way to Taal Vista and took photos outside. It was the same going back. Hahahaha.


I’m so happy we went to Taal Vista cause the view is to die for!!! We definitely took a lot of photos here. We went here during the sunset and stayed until early evening.

So we weren’t able to do much in Tagaytay because we couldn’t get our eyes of Good Morning Call! Kinain kami ng sistema! Hahahaha! But it was a really relaxing Holy Week weekend in Tagaytay. ^^

Good Morning Call sa umaga!
Kuya, why so alone???

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  1. hahahaha! tawang tawa naman ako sa Good Morning Call sa paguwi, umaga, at check out! XDDD pero kc naman, addictive tlg hahahaha! XD

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