Workcation Space: Chillax Flashpackers Boracay

We literally just moved to our new place on Monday, but I want to review our stay at Chillax Flashpackers Boracay! It all started with this Facebook post on their page:

When I saw this post, I immediately messaged the owner, Dan, and asked for a rate given that there will be three of us in the room and if that will be allowed (since they are only offering twin sharing). I will not mention the price he gave us. Just message him on Facebook if you would like to inquire. We transferred him the full amount via BDO and then he sent us our booking confirmation within 24 hours. What I love about the email he sent is that it had tons of information on what to expect in Boracay during the new normal and recommendation on pretty much everything – restaurants, activities, nightlife, etc. That became totally helpful in figuring out what we want to do on a weekend or where we want to eat for the night.

We stayed here from Feb 1 until Mar 1, which is our original plan for our month-long stay. We moved to Campion’s Place for our extension from Mar 1 to 15 because we also really enjoyed our stay there and wanted to go back. It was totally nothing against Chillax Flashpackers Boracay. On this blog, I’m going to say my opinion about this place, what I loved about it, and if I will recommend it as an accommodation if you would like to stay in Boracay for a workcation.


Chillax Flashpackers Boracay is a container hotel located on Diniwid Road and the closest beach is Diniwid Beach. If you’re coming from Cagban Port, it is around 6km. Yes, it’s quite far because it is on the other side of the island and is much closer to Puka Beach and what they call Station 0 where most of the expensive resorts are. It is, however, walking distance to Station 1. There is a shortcut between Diniwid Beach and Station 1 in White Beach, so if you want to go somewhere in White Beach, it is actually quicker to just walk on the beach rather than take a trike on the main road.

I really like the location because it is in the quieter side of Boracay. It is in a residential area, and I feel like there are more rentals than hotels. It is also really close to City Mall, which is the closest we can get to an actual mall. There is a SaveMore supermarket, which we visit once a week to buy groceries. It also has several fastfood restaurants like Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, and Highlands Coffee. It also has Watsons, and food stalls like Potato Corner and Gong Cha.


We had a big room! I was told it was 36m2. The room has a queen bed, a day bed, and a double deck. Literally, a maximum of 5 people can stay here so it is really big for the three of us. Irick and I stay in the queen bed, while Gelai took the day bed. We use the double deck to store our stuff and I also work there in the evening if I don’t feel like working outside. The room has a separate shower and toilet inside the room, which I love because if one person is taking a shower, another can still use the toilet. The shower has a filled shampoo and conditioner dispenser, but the hand wash dispenser is empty, so we decided to just buy our own from Watsons and fill it. Plus, unlimited toilet paper as well. I cannot remember how many times I asked Jackie Lou (the super dependable staff at Chillax) for a refill.

We also have a balcony with a clothes dryer, small table and chairs. What we did was, we put those inside and put the dining table outside. That way, we can work there if we want to while the others are sleeping inside, since we have different schedules. Since it sometimes rains, I would work at the double deck since it is located at the end of the room and I wouldn’t really disturb anyone since the divider of the bed conceals me from everyone.

View from our balcony.
And we made quite a few Tiktoks here, too LOL

There is also a fridge inside the room, as well as an electronic kettle. We were also given our own plates and utensils. This is really convenient because we can store our food and groceries inside the room. They also have a communal kitchen that you can use. While we didn’t really do much cooking, it was pretty useful when we needed to reheat stuff. The kitchen also has different appliances like microwave, oven toaster, blender, etc.

Yes, like what was advertised, they really do have unlimited coffee. They are all placed at the common area on the top floor, so we just get our ration for the day (LOL) and just heat water inside the room. We definitely saved a lot on this because we do consume a lot of coffee everyday. LOL. They also provide you with 5 gallons of water, and you can ask for a refill once you run out. Since there are three of us, we consume a lot of water as well and I seriously can’t remember as well how many times we asked for a refill.


They have a swimming pool on the rooftop of Chillax Flashpackers Boracay. I personally didn’t go out everyday during the entire month that we were here, so I made the decision to swim in the pool everyday upon waking up just to kickstart my day. I did spend a lot of time at the pool, swimming a few laps and taking tons of photos. LOL.

LOL, I tried cleaning the pool once.

We also had a few movie nights while in here. They have a projector that you can borrow. We asked this to be set up in our room once, and another time at the outdoor area on the top floor. We had movie night under the stars while drinking wine one weekend and it was such an amazing experience. There was a typhoon coming that weekend, so the screen was swaying but we made do by tying it around the bar stools.


Chillax Flashpackers Boracay has fiber internet and I could say it was reliable. I think no connection is perfect, of course, there will be times when we will lose connection. However, it usually just takes a few minutes so it didn’t really affect me in a major way. This brings me to the only disadvantage this place has, which is definitely out of their control. I don’t know what it is about Diniwid, but they experience a lot of power interruptions. There was a time when it happened everyday but only just for a few minutes. I think the longest one was about 40 minutes and the first time it happened, I was on shift with around 20% of battery left. That freaked me out a little bit and I had to text my TL as back-up. Luckily, the power went back when I still had 5% of my battery. Whew. We learned from this though and would always make sure our laptops are charged and I made sure I always had money on Gcash so I can purchase mobile load in case there’s a power interruption. When it happens during the day, they would turn the generator on and we were also provided emergency lights during our stay for use during power interruptions. I think a major factor here is that February is still a cold month and of course, there would be showers from time to time. Thus, it affects power and this is literally not Chillax Flashpackers Boracay’s fault, but still need to keep in mind in case you’d want to stay here or somewhere in the Diniwid area. By the way, they also provided us with an umbrella to use.


Seriously, Jackie Lou is a champ. She is there to provide us with everything we need whether it’s asking for a refill of coffee or toilet paper or water, if I need to borrow a broom, or brush, or a water basin. She would help us set up the projector screen for our movie nights as well.


Since we have a fridge and there is a communal kitchen that we could use, we definitely saved a lot on food. What we would do is that, we’d eat at home during weekdays, buy from the carinderias in the neighborhood and splurge a little bit on the restaurants on the island on weekends.


YES! Chillax Flashpackers Boracay is totally recommendable if you are planning to work remotely from Boracay. I seriously have nothing to complain about (except for the power interruption, which is an island problem, not theirs). They made our stay so comfortable and provided us with everything we needed. I really felt like a temporary resident here, instead of a visiting tourist.

My friend, Irick, took some videos when we checked in and this compilation pretty much shows the entire place and our room. Enjoy!