Yet Another Shopee / Lazada Haul!

I haven’t been buying a lot of stuff lately so I won’t be able to do these Shopee and Lazada monthly hauls anymore so I will do it once every few months once I have enough items.

1) Deerma Dehumidifier

Shop here.
Price: ₱649

I have been buying these disposable dehumidifiers and I thought this would actually be cheaper in the long run. I have been using it since August 2021 and in the beginning, I had to charge it again right away, but it hasn’t really turned green for a while so I guess the humidity in my room has gotten better, idk. LOL. But at least I will be saving the Earth from plastic.

2) Water Flosser

Shop here.
Price: ₱1,319

This is also one item that I have debated for a while if I will buy it or not, but in the end, I decided to go for it. I just think that the interdental brushes do work but I think this water flosser would help more when removing food items in between my teeth. They are also promoting it as helpful for teeth whitening, and although that is not my purpose, it would not be so bad to get that as a bonus. I use it before brushing my teeth to remove all the food items stuck in my braces and it works well. I really should be more consistent with using this though.

3) Cosmetic Organizer

Shop here.
Price: ₱557.65

I have always wanted one and I initially wanted the one I saw on Locaupin but that one was over PHP1,000 so I had to look for a much less expensive one. After searching both on Lazada and Shopee, I finally found one that is half the price. The reviews were quite good and it is so cute! There is another version of these organizers with a mirror in front, but of course, that is much more expensive. I’m super satisfied with this budol! The only disadvantage is that they won’t fit my lipsticks, but that’s fine since I have a separate container for that, and I placed that on my shelves instead.

4) Bidet

Shop here.
Price: ₱689

Not my video – this is from the ad.

I saw something like this in my dentist’s office building so I was like, “I WANT!” It’s easy to install, and my butt is definitely happy, but man, it is leaking. It was fine for just a couple of days before it started leaking. I saw similar reviews and I contacted them on Shopee but their only advice was to have it checked by a professional. So I recommend buying something similar to this, but not from this store.

5) Wall Art

Shop here and here.
Price: ₱ 56-57

Just some fruit wall art for decoration. I’m still thinking if I will buy more and put framed fruit wall arts on the other side of my wall. Buuttttt, I think I will be annoyed with the cleaning process. My room is hella dusty!

6) Imarflex Air Purifier

Shop here.
Price: ₱ 2000

In relation to what I mentioned above, I am struggling with the dust in my room and when I was Googling for ways to minimize this, I read about air purifiers so after looking through several brands, I found this from Imarflex. I have been using it since October. It uses a HEPA filter that you need to change every 6 months. I’m not sure it’s doing much for the dust in my room though. Maybe that’s not really the resolution -_-

7) Men’s Leather Wallet

Shop here.
Price: ₱ 71

Ok, I love this wallet! I lost my Cath Kidston wallet back in November during a date I had before my birthday. I wanted to buy something that is not bulky, just enough for cash, cards and IDs, and apparently, men’s wallet is the way to go. This is super cheap and it’s exactly what I wanted.

8) Flotti Sofa Bed

Shop here.
Price: ₱4,899

Not my photo – from Lazada

We have a small apartment so I was intentional about buying a small sofa. I thought this was really cute and it also can be a bed for a small person, since the back part reclines. I wish the seat could be thicker though, so I am planning to buy an extra foam to puff it a bit more. Let’s see how that will work for me. Tbh, I think I’m the only one that sits here. LOL.

9) Cable Protector

Shop here.
Price: ₱19

Photo from Shopee

This is pretty self-explanatory. Protect your charging cables, people! I have the avocado one, to match some of the stuff in my room.

10) Pan Cover (3-in-1)

Shop here.
Price: ₱420

Photo from Shopee

We have two pans that need lids – my mother literally uses a plate as a cover. LOL. I was going to buy two different lids, but then I saw this. I measured our pans – one was 24cm and the other was 28cm. So, I bought the one that was meant for 24-28cm pans. It’s made from glass and silicone edging. Tbh, it looks really expensive.

I guess that’s it – most of my purchases recently have been more of necessities than what you’d call Shopee or Lazada budol.

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